Queen Cana

A giant black Homogeny queen.


Cana is powerful Homogeny queen. Her jet black chitin glistens when she wants it too and turns a matte black when she wants to blend into the shadows. Like all queens she resembles the Homogeny drones in general shape but has many more limbs and is easily 10 times the size of the average drone. Despite the size difference she moves with a grace and elegance that quite often stuns those meeting with her. She is also one of the circle of 10 homogony queens that provide guidance to the race. She is a master of bio-engineering and can modify any drone to a dizzying array of configurations. Known changes are adding the ability to spit acid and interface with electronic devices as though they were alive. When first encountered by the crew Cana was on T’Sion station, but this is not her home. She was meeting with two other queens , Terra (a rusty red), and Di (a blood red). Since meeting with Bob, Cana has left the station.


Queen Cana

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