The Homogeny

The Homogeny, known as “the bugs” by humans, are the first bug-like race humans encountered after leaving the Sol system. Their resemblance to centaurian ants often elicits a shudder of disgust from untraveled humans. Supported by their four lower legs their chitinous chest displays another four arms. The top most of these are roughly human normal arms with several flexible pincers in place of fingers. The lower two have generally limited functionality and sport only two pincers, of which only one moves. These lesser arms are usually used only to carry. Some offshoots of the Homogeny have increased flexibility in these lesser limbs and use them for more than just carrying.

To further perpetuate the idea that the Homogeny are bugs they are all born from the Queens of their “hive” and collectively as a race can merge their thoughts into a collective consciousness. The individual members often turn problems over to this collective for solutions allowing them to complete tasks that they themselves would never be able to on their own. It is this collective that allowed the technology behind the stargates to come to fruition.

By far the most populous of the major races they tend not to spread out from the stargate network. They also tend not to mix with other races sectioning off parts of the living structures that other races live in. As an example while the spires of Tsion are mostly welcoming to most races there are 3 floors dedicated just to the Homogeny in one the most wealthy of these. They have removed the standard floor layout of boulevard style corridors, with a tunneled structure dug out of a material the workers excrete. Thankfully there are several biolum mosses and air circulating weeds that grow on this material making it a wonderland of light and motion rather than dank dark tunnels filled with foreboding.

While there are other bug-like races these are the most commonly found.

The Homogeny

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