Human History

2617 The Worlds War – Human kind with no proof of other sentient beings in the universe wages a war between the USA, their Chinese allies, and the Totalitarian UN over control of the off Earth colonies. The result of this war is that Earth is devastated with 57% of it’s landmass being irradiated and another 37% being wiped clean by Tsunamis. Estimated population of Earth is in the low 2 million. The moon’s surface has been turned to glass by the use of high energy weapons. The other colonies fared better with Mar’s population only being reduced by 10%. However, despite being relatively unscathed Mar’s still required regular supply shipments from Earth. Estimated human population low 4 million.

2648 The Nah-Tem Revelation – With human populations throughout the solar system dwindling as resources from before the war dry up, the Nah-Tem reveal themselves and offer their assistance in exchange for two thousand humans. The 2K are quickly offered up by what little government has managed to limp along on Mars, a stain on the Mars government that lives on to this day. The Nah-Tem having received the 2K quickly restores Earth’s balance using nano technology. They also install a Twilder device near the sun, creating a stargate allowing access to the Homogeny’s network. Several FTL ships are given to the Martian government by the Nah-Tem and the restoration of humankind begins.

2667 The Kei awakening – Even as mankind begins it’s long trek back from extinction suddenly the weird and mysterious power of Kei, named after the first child to display signs, awakens throughout the race. Children begin manifesting powers ranging from miraculous healing to energy projection and telekinesis. Unable to find the source of this power humankind turns to their saviors the Nah-Tem who are also puzzled by this development. Not having an easy solution, the governments on Earth and Mars realize that these children need to be treated differently and establish special schools to help focus their abilities. The children attending these schools are referred to as Military Artists. There is no resistance to the children being taken away most adults realize that the human race is too fragile to fight over this sensible move.

2668 The White Covenant – Having enough problems of their own, the governments of Earth and Mars sign The White Covenant agreeing that no human ship will use the stargate until mankind has a single governing body and has developed it’s own FTL vessel

3258 The Union of Sol forms – With massive advances in FTL communication throughout the solar system Mars, Earth, and the other human colonies in the system form the Union of Sol. The governments focus is on interspecies relations and stargate regulation. All citizens are fully integrated into the voting process.

3259 The Stargate Voyage – The first human FTL ship, The USNS Marco Polo, enters the stargate. On the other side it finds several large space stations and thousands of different races. There are hundreds of Twidler devices in orbit around the sun and the traffic being handled by the stations is unbelievable to the new visitors. The arrival of another new species is barely noted. The Marco Polo docks with the station and after several days spent trading returns through the stargate to share it’s experiences.

4586 The TursK war – Humans quickly realized that the stargate network while vast only lead to other populated systems. Working with the K’Arid they improved upon the K’Arid insterstellar drive and began colonizing nearby star systems. Adding a dozen star systems without encountering any of the other races they had met through the stargate the humans began even more aggressive expansion. This led to first contact with the Tursk. The Tursk were not on the stargate network but had independently developed insterstellar drives, while not as fast as human/K’Arid drives they were more than sufficient to connect their tight compact empire. The Tursk having never encountered another space faring race were reasonably paranoid. Even as human AI’s were decoding the Tursk language, the Tursk opened fire and the human colony ship, the Titan, was destroyed. The disappearance of the Titan brought a human task force and with it ever increasing hostilities until a single Der’Rum ship arrived at a battle and put both races in their place, by shutting down all their systems but life support. Shortly after that the Human-Tursk treaty was signed and the races agreed to expand in other directions.

5648 Current day – All humans celebrate the anniversary of the Nah-Tem arrival in Sol. The galaxy has stabilized since the Tursk-Human war. The Tursk have been added to the Hegemony network. Despite the general well-being there are still plenty of places where an enterprising sentient can find trouble, adventure, and profit.

Human History

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