The Frozen Star amoung us

To save a species
Session 10.5

While the rest of the crew worked on the problem of the terrorist group on the University planet, the Captain, Luke, and Ovdotia sped towards the Der’Rum homeworld. While transiting the gate system they discussed the issue of Jon. Ovdotia revealed her continued love for him and that he had come back from a deep space exploration mission changed and ranting about The Flesh, some horror at the edge of the Galaxy that would wipe out all Der’Rum unless they were no longer Energy based lifeforms.

To this end Jon had pretended to calm down and return to his duties only to later slip away. Ovdotia had been following the breadcrumbs he had left and had caught up to him shortly after he left T’sion station. This in turn lead to her capture and her rescue by the crew shortly thereafter.

Several days later, they arrived to find the Der’Rum fleet unsuccessfully engaging a planet sized sphere. The weapons on the sphere sliced through even the largest of warships with little trouble. The return fire while shaving bits and peices off the vessel would not be sufficient to stop it before it reached the sun, it’s apparent goal. Knowing that time was of the essence and that their smaller stealth craft might be able to slip through where the larger warships of the fleet could not, the captain ordered Luke to take them in.

The planetoid did indeed ignore them and they managed to slow down just enough to avoid a collision with its surface. Even so the radiation alarms jumped to life indicating that extended exposure to this planetoid would prove fatal to everyone on board biological or Energy form alike. Moving with increased alacrity Luke shot through a quick orbit of the planetoid looking for anything that might provide an entrance. As time flowed by the Captain finally spotted the massive door covering what must be a way in. Luke opened fire with all of the ships weapons and swung away from the planetoid to dive straight through the newly formed hole. The ship easily fit through the gap and after nearly a mile of tunnel they entered a large empty space.

The radiation meters suddenly spiked and the source was revealed to be a small orb roughly 200 meters in diameter. The Captain decided they would land on the orb and attempt to destroy it from within. She ordered Ovdotia to leave the ship and seek shelter in the walls of the planetoid. As Ovdotia left the Captain throttled the ship to full power and rammed it into the orb.

Surviving the jarring impact the found the ship had, by some stroke of luck, smashed it’s way into an even smaller corridor. Climbing out through the front emergency hatch the Captain and Luke made their way down the corridor only to be confronted by Jon at the end. Jon ranted about the Flesh and how this was the only way to save the Der’Rum race. Luke tired of listening attacked. After a quick battle, Luke was knocked unconcious and the Captain was faced with what she believed to be a hopeless battle against a much stronger Internal Kai user. In the face of this situation she did the unthinkable, she reached out and powered up Luke’s DITE ramming it into the control board at the center of the room. A massive energy wave swept out and everyone in the system was changed, knocking the Captain unconcious as it passed. The Captain awoke to find Luke floating nearby and managed to wake him, a wave of relief passing through her as she realized he was alive. Her arm was itching but aside from that she seemed fine. Luke was also itching his arm and after looking around pointed out that Jon was gone.

Ovdotia made an appearance and complained that she felt funny. Meanwhile both the Captain and Luke had graduated to itching uncontrollably. That’s when Luke realized his skin was glowing. A few more scratches and literally his human body started to fall off his energy form. He was now for all intents and purposes a Der’Rum. Seeing but not really seeing he looked at the Captain and found that she too had reverted to Der’Rum.

After school homework

BOOM! With debris flying everywhere Bob got really unlucky and caught a chunk with his head, putting him into an instant coma. The rest of the team got ready for the worst and were mildly surprised when Jon stepped into the room. He stared at Sandee and insisted that he didn’t understand why she was on the side of the xenobiology tyrants and was promptly attacked. Unlike the previous encounters he displayed External Kai powers as a force field flashed into place to block Karath’s first shot. James advanced and after a few blows which encountered the same force field he managed to slip an attack past Jon’s defenses landing a blow that severed Jon’s arm at the shoulder.

Jon completely shocked by the level of resistance grabbed his arm and fled the scene. Medics who were hidden nearby rushed in and began taking the wounded away. The crew remained baffled by Jon’s ability to slip into the building as they had setup sensors to catch him. However, a review indicated that he had used the super speed allowed by External Kei to slip in the front door. They followed his retreat back to the warehouse.

After a very confusing conversation with the Dean it was revealed that Sandee and Jon dated, although not in Sandee’s recollection. The Dean had often felt like a third wheel and kinda envied Sandee’s relationship. She pointed out that Sandee and Jon used to go to the warehouse and hang out for hours. The crew decided to split up to investigate this lead and Jon’s claims about shadowy experiments going on in the department.

Karath proceeded to search the department’s labs while Sandee and James proceeded to investigate the alternate Sandee’s life and Jon’s academic career. G’Lorm decided the ship needed to be looked after.

Proceeding into the bowels of the xeno building Karath examined 23 labs without finding anything. Her guide a grad student was more than happy to show her everything. She diligently recorded the information in the labs and decided that so far nothing suspicious had been found. During that time G’Lorm had returned to the ship, gotten bored and caught up with her.

As the three of them entered lab 24 they found the main simulation computer running a sim on what at first seemed to be a highly impossible lifeform, something that evolved in space without any environment. Closer examinations of the computer records implied that the simulation was built on a live specimen. The next 3 labs revealed more of the same. The last documented lab however appeared to shutdown as they entered the room. Karath with her heightened senses was able to discern that there was a cloaked figure in the lab unfortunately she missed the second cloaked figure and he managed to slip behind her. Her first warning being a gun barrel pushing into her back. Much to the chagrin of the would-be attacker Karath’s reflexes being superhuman allowed her to twirl and lash out with a punch before he even knew she turned around. The other cloaked figure started shooting wildly at the three of them but when G’Lorm stepped forward and swung his maul the cloaked figure had enough presence of mind to duck. G’Lorm’s maul smashed through a shelving unit and several chemicals started mixing together creating a visible gas. The guide dove out of the room while G’Lorm debated whether finishing the fight was worth being gassed. Karath realizing the doors would be shutting automatically screamed a G’Lorm to get out. G’Lorm barely made it before the door slammed shut behind him.

The cloaked figure banged on the door several times before succumbing to the gas and disappearing out of sight.

Meanwhile Sandee and James asked a lot of questions of Jon’s old xeno teachers which revealed that Sandee and Jon spent a lot of time together and would volunteer to work on projects together. Their investigation also turned up that when Sandee left Jon joined the military academy on planet. They proceeded over to the Military academy and were given access to several teachers and students who all insisted that Jon was a perfect student and he only occasionally mentioned the Xeno department. Having completed the interviews they proceeded to check out Jon’s bunk and personal trunk in the barracks. Here they found several pictures of Jon and Sandee looking very happy together. Some pictures included the Dean as a third member.

It was mentioned that Jon came from the Der’Rum system to the planet, which really perplexed Sandee. Additionally it was spoken about in a fashion indicating this was normal.
Thus ended session 10

School's back in session
Session 9

The Captain left the ship with only one command follow up with Sandee’s friend to see if she could glean any information. The crew decided that they also needed to get rid of their remaining Der’man passengers. The crew let Roger out of the airlock and after some talking he pointed out that he was still a member of the the Der’Rum military and that he and the other Der’man crew members should be returned to the Der’Rum. He was granted access to the ships comm system and summoned a Der’Rum ship to pick him and his compatriots up. When the ship arrived they docked and everybody got back to their jobs.

During the long trip to the University it was discovered that Sandee and Karath remembered a different version of events than James, G’Lorm, and Bob. Sandee piecing together what she could discovered that their memories diverged the moment they entered this system but before they entered the seemingly non-existent gate to the Peresphone system containing TSion station. In fact there was no record of TSion station or the gate because the records show that the system suffered a supernova significantly in it’s distant past and hadn’t been deemed habitable.

Further review of this phenomenon revealed that for Sandee and Karath the ships logs for the time after the difference in memories were a huge jumble of contradictory logs while the rest of the crew saw events that matched what they believed happened. Karath spoke with an expert on the subject of subjective viewpoints and was able to filter out five of the overlapping Journals. Sandee demanded blood samples from everyone and performed extensive testing but was unable to find a reasonable cause for the difference in memories. That left her with some sort of alternate reality theory and no real method for checking for it.

She hoped that her old friend at the University might be able to help. The two weeks travel flew by as the crew relaxed and got back into their old rhythms. Sandee worked feverishly trying to find a reason for the difference and memories and exhausted all remaining possibilities aside from alternate realities. G’Lorm made the offhand comment that the artifact caused it, but no one else cared to commented on that statement.

Finally, they arrived at the University a huge scholastic planet hosting one of the top five Universities in the galaxy. Upon landing they were greated by two professors who took them to Sandee’s friend the Dean of of the Xenobiology school, a Der’Rum. She welcomed them warmly and promised her full support, Bob noticed a quick message flash on the side of her head facing him. Obviously, having plenty to catch up on Sandee recommended that the rest of the crew take a tour. After they left Sandee talked about her theory on the alternate realities and didn’t like her friends reaction which she felt indicated that she thought Sandee was crazy. While true her friend did still offer to help.

Meanwhile the crew decided to split up as G’Lorm was unwilling to tour a museum. He started back to the ship but decided to instead stop by Marty Molerat’s, a local Tursk hangout, to grab a bite to eat. He was standing in line when a Nah’Tem dressed in a black trenchcoat stepped out of the crowded restaurant pointing a HV-1 at him. As any Tursk in their right mind would do G’Lorm smashed his maul into his assailant’s gun and body breaking several ribs and crushing a lung. In the process the gun exploded in a burst of some sort of red liquid that might have been blood. G’Lorm finished ordering his food and waited for the cops to show up as an eye witness called both an ambulance and the cops. G’Lorm went peacefully to the station when the cops did show up.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew, minus Sandee proceeded along on their tour. Suddenly a Tursk dressed in a black trenchcoat ran smackdab into a suit of armor knocking it over. He quickly stood up looked at the crew members and ran off. Somehow Bob managed to keep up with him and leapt onto his back initiating his bioshock. While the rest of the crew caught up, two more trenchcoat wearers, a Nah’Tem and another unknown race, stepped out of the crowd drawing what appeared to be old HV-1’s. The leader shouted, “The xenobiolog oppressors should all die”. Karath let the gun of the Nah’Tem clear it’s holster then promptly cut it in half, spraying some sort of liquid all over the place. Not quite as quickly, James punched the other sentient in the face, and it went to the floor with no further resistance. Again the group waited around for the police and were brought to the local jail.

Having held back to talk with her friend Sandee and Kulova, the Dean, were surprised when the door burst open and five trenchcoat clad sentients rushed in. Looking truly ridiculous the group was lead by a K’Arid in a hugely missized trenchcoat. He shouted “The mistreatment of Xenobiologoids would no longer be tolerated and the the Dean’s evil reign of tyranny was over.” All five drew weapons and proceeded to get beat down by Sandee, leaving only the K’Arid in a wrestling match with Sandee. Ultimately, she was unable to overcome his jock physique and found herself pinned underneath him. She wisely chose to appear defeated and let the poor shmuck talk about his great crusade. Eventually the police arrived and took the five students into custody. Sandee and Kulova accompanied them and with the Dean’s vouching the crew was invited to help with the investigation.

Examination of the physical evidence led the crew to suspect that the trenchcoats were made in a dorm nanocloth machine. Further evidence pointed to a specific dorm. Karath staked out the dorm while Bob monitored the software. This revealed that an automated box came to pick up the completed code. The crew put tracking circuits in all of the trenchcoats that were made and Karath followed the automated box and the truck it boarded back to a warehouse. The box after going inside went into a shielded storage area inside. The trackers then indicated that the shipment had stopped moving. Having located the warehouse the crew did a little more digging and found the warehouse was owned by Starburst Interstellar Shipping company.

As a side part they also found that a security door near the Deans office had been jacked and an override had been manually put inside allowing unrestricted and unlogged access for someone using a remote.

The crew deciding to let that sit for a while came up with a plan to trap the bad guys using Sandee and a lecture as bait. They set the trap and did indeed lure in some bad guys. After the lecture had started an unknown male voice took over the speaker system and started spouting anti-xenobiology school rhetoric. Ending with you all must die and a loud click. Then the back of the auditorium expoded.
End of Session 9

Session 8

(For those of you who are not in the know Karath had a side adventure which can be found in the forums, feel free to read it to see most of what happened to her. A single post has been removed with the results of her rolls so that true mystery can be maintained  . Anyone not playing who wants to know the results just email me.)

Making a prefect landing , some noticing that she is way better than she was before, Karath grumps that her backup never came. The captain looks at her funny and asks what she’s talking about. Karath proceeds to tell her that she got caught in a water bubble out between the two hulls while investigating some leakage. Everything’s fine she just need to get dried off. Luke frowned suspiciously at this brush off answer. Everyone agreed to meet back at medbay in a few minutes to figure out how to administer Luke’s antivirus dose.

In order to burn some Kei and make themselves capable of absorbing more should they need to the captain and James have a quick sparing match. The captain would have lost had it been a real fight as James landed two good blows and only took one. James is after all working with a much higher base strength so when pumped he becomes truly crazy.

Karath heads back to the cargo bay and grabs the gear she left behind. After a quick shower she finds herself modifying her rifle. Best guess she’s improving it. She then heads down to medbay. Everyone has decided it will be best if the rest of the antivirus is administered in the much more heavily armored weapons locker so all of the explosives and important equipment is moved out into the hall. Luke uses his powers to speed things along and realizes that Karath is moving stuff almost as easily as he is. (Since they are both displaying supernatural levels of strength it’s more the bulk of the items that gives them trouble not the weight).

The captain, Sandee, and James all stand around while Luke gets injected. Unlike the Der’man though Luke is trained to control his powers and does not experience any energy leakage. The crew then brings in the last infected Der’man, not realizing that the antivirus has been tampered with, the effect will be the same an uninfected Der’man, but the process is now completely different. (Again anyone not in the campaign feel free to email me if you want to know what happened here.)

Sandee, injected the antivirus and stood back waiting for the Kei to start leaking from the poor Der’man. Instead his bones started reconfiguring shifting back and forth between spiky ridges and normal. These changes were probably causing massive internal damage, but no one in the room was in any shape to analyze the results as they were too busy dodging spiked body parts as the Der’man flailed around. The changes slowed and came to a stop within minutes but then the Der’man threw up a spiky hairball of pulsing with Kei energy. The first blast from the ball caught the crew by surprise and even managed to hurt Sandy so they fled from the room. After the second flare the crew managed to get the door shut and all further damage was contained within the room. 4 more flares occurred and then there was silence.

The crew tentatively opened the door to find the Der’man had been killed by the explosions. The Spiky ball continued to flare in ever weakening pulses, but was obviously of no harm anymore. Sandee took samples of everything and went back to medbay. G’Lorm slipped back into the nanobath he had so recently vacated. Starting an investigation Sandee and the captain went to review the weapons lockers video only to find it was corrupted, asking Bob about it he informed them that several electrical systems were damaged by the explosions and he was working on improving data integrity so future similar incidents didn’t cause similar damage.

In the middle of his frantic work Bob was also examining the external sensor logs to make sure they were not in any danger from external forces. See no threats on his plot he was startled a few seconds later when he noticed a ship performing final synchronization to ram their ship, it had been cloaked previously. He quickly hit the alarm and shouted that they were about to be boarded most likely in the mess hall. The captain went to the bridge to join Bob while the rest of the crew proceeded to the mess hall.

Luke entered the room first and proceeded to put the hurt on slamming his DITE into the faces of two of the 4 boarders arrayed against him. James and Karath followed up shooting from the doorway at the other end of the mess hall. Luke tore through his opponents knocking them around and not taking a scratch in return. G’Lorm rushed past Karath and James to fight the boarders hand to hand as they pushed their way through the opening and managed to tag one before Karath tossed a grenade down the hole the boarder’s had cut through the floor. Luke wanting to take the fight to the boarders jumped down only to find himself in almost complete darkness, only his Kei fueled DITE created a little light allowing him to barely see the ladder behind him. Twirling his DITE around both himself and the ladder he managed to catch two more of the boarders killing them instantly, before jumping back out of the hole.

Meanwhile the Bridge was boarded by two more of the boarders and the captain using most of her Kei reserves fought one, while Bob commed Karath to come to the bridge. Karath responded, but noticed there was another boarder in the engine room. Having wounded him, she shouted that there was a boarder in the Engine room and left him for G’Lorm to deal with. The captain having beat one boarder to death was advancing on the second who had backed up to the exit. Unfortunately, Karath entered the bridge at that moment slashing her sword across his back and then punching it through his chest causing him to slump to his knees dead.

Luke fighting two opponents while straddling the hole barely managed to dodge a surprise shot that came flying out of it. He then spun his staff finishing off one of the two opponents and dropped down the hole ramming his staff through the head and body of his attacker. Still finding himself in darkness he sprang back out found that Sandee and James had finished the last opponent in the mess hall. Sandee also figured out how to open the armor the boarder was wearing and found their enemies where essentially sentient transparent skins filled with salty water.

Meanwhile G’Lorm dealt with the boarder in the Engine room with typical Tursk aggressiveness beating him to a bloody pulp with his maul. He then proceeded to check everything out finding the boarder hadn’t had time to mess with anything before Karath found him. Bob on the other hand discovered that several escape pod sized vessels separated from the attacking ship and opened fire on them. Destroying slightly over half before the remainder disappeared into cloak.

With the fight wrapped up, Sandee, Karath and the captain cleared the captain’s quarters and everyone assembled in the mess hall responding to Luke’s call for lights. Since the lights did not help everyone took a look in. Karath had no trouble seeing in the unnatural darkness so she jumped down the hole and proceeded to find a Limner, a cricket like that emits a continuous air-born ink that blocks light very effectively, in a cage. She knew that if she created the right series of sounds she could lull the creature to sleep, which would allow the ink to dissipate. She used her sword and her talons to create the sound and the rest of the crew joined her in the now lit airlock. With ease Bob and G’Lorm unlocked the ships systems and opened the doors to allow them to proceed in their investigation of the ship. This revealed several things, the ship had a combination of advanced equipment, all conveniently destroyed by the crew that abandoned ship, and a Der’Rum being restrained in the cargo area. The Der’Rum to everyone’s shock is the captain’s mother. She insists that the Captain and Luke take the ship’s shuttle and leave immediately on a very important mission. The Captain acquiesced and they quickly left the ship in the shuttle, leaving the rest of the crew to handle the aftermath.
Thus ends session 8

No good deed unpunished
Session 7

With the ship idling near the wreckage of the Charged Flame, Bob started detecting Der’Rum life forms floating through space. Between them the crew managed to come up with the idea of holding the Der’Rum in the Cargo bay. G’Lorm, Bob, and the captain had a relatively tense conversation regarding how to handle it when the captain, still not completely in control of her powers, enhanced her Sociability and trickled it down to appearance and charm. This in turn put her Sociability somewhere in the area of 160, i.e. godlike. She told Bob and G’Lorm to get it done and low and behold they did, both of them thinking they would do anything the captain asked. Even Sandee, affected by this because she was listening in on the comms, came out of the lab and to help. James busy exercising in the weapons locker was outside the effect, Luke decided the captain would be more pleased if he stayed in quarantine, and Karath had wondered off somewhere else in the ship.

After such a successful command the captain settled into her chair quite pleased with herself. After completing her orders the crew slipped back into their normal stations and Bob proceeded to pilot the ship in such a manner that the Der’Rum floating in space were all rescued. It was then that he noticed another anomaly some sort of biomass forming an almost seamless cube. Pull closer he realized it was made out of flesh and was able to detect 6 life forms inside.

After a few failed attempts to pilot the ship to a docking position with the cube Sandee wandered onto the bridge, took a good look at his calculations and pointed out that the axis of his vector of approach was too steep, a minor change and a little bit of spin would allow a more optimal pairing of vectors. Bob ,giving Sandee the stink antenna, adjusted to her calculation and was able to successfully dock. The captain breathed a sigh of relief because she was having just as much trouble as Bob in figuring out the math on this delicate approach. G’Lorm, James, and Sandee wandered down to the airlock and cycled through it to find a door made up of human skin with bone buttons to one side. Sandee scanning the object determined that it was similar in structure to a human arm just spread out more. She reached out and hit the top button commonly used to open doors and the doorish area rolled back to reveal fleshy cube with six humans lying on the floor starting to suffer from hypoxia. Despite the need to rush the humans to the med bay Sandee proved herself to be a scientist first and strapped up several samples from the cube before carrying the last human back.

With the human’s all in bad shape Bob decided his help would be needed and left the bridge. G’Lorm, with the heavy lifting done, headed back to Engineering. Bob, Sandee, and James all worked on the 6 humans, and only losing one, much to everyone’s dismay. Still great odds given the fact that all 6 were minutes away from death before the crew got to them.

Meanwhile the captain attempted to get the Homogeny Gate to provide medical assistance, they refused having the evidence of what contact with the Frozen Star had on the Der’Rum warship. All of the captain’s unenhanced charm was unable to persuade them to provide assistance, and she couldn’t bring herself to activate her enhanced charm to persuade him. Her conversation did however bring a third party forward. A Tursk mercenary offered his assistance in “procuring aid” from the station. The captain sensing that this would mean a lot of violence declined the offer.
Sandee and Bob swept the 6 new humans and were able to ascertain that 2 were infectious and the other 4 were not, yes I’m including the dead guy, Sandee is very thorough. Further thought and research allowed Sandee to develop a Kei sensor that showed that the still energy Der’Rum were probably not infected and that Kei users who showed a steady use of Kei probably were. After this revelation the captain who had been calling around to various outposts and colonies in the system was able to convince a Regillian mining station to take the uninfected Der’Rum off the crew’s hands. A quick exchange and the Der’Rum were off the ship leaving the captain with 5 Der’man’s, to reduce the chance of infection the captain had the 3 uninfected moved to the mess hall and asked Sandee to keep them under.

Unfortunately, for the crew Internal Kei users have a way of purging drugs from their systems very quickly when under duress and one of the 3, eventually named Roger, woke up frightened and with more power than he knew what to do with. The first thing he tried to do was pass through the mess hall wall, which he found his new body now interacted with, a little tunnel vision added in and he tried to punch his way through said wall. Sandee and G’Lorm managed to get to the mess hall at about the same time, but unfortunately for G’Lorm he was a little faster and wielding his maul. He leapt into the room and was quickly reminded that Internal Kei users can pack quite a bunch. Flying back through the door he just entered and severely wounded he slumped to the ground as James jumped to the attack. To avoid James attack Roger executed a spectacular series of flips quickly crossing the mess hall and pulled up just short of Sandee, showing surprise that there was someone there. Sandee in turn attempted to grab him. Instead he slipped between her legs and out into the hallway to come face to face with the captain. The captain with a charming smile said “There’s nothing to be alarmed about we’re here to help.”

Taking a deep breath Roger instinctively switched from enhanced Physique to enhanced Presesence and proceeded to charm the pants off, the captain, Sandee and James, convincing them the fighting was over. Bob listening over the comms just couldn’t let his suspicions go and Luke slightly torqued that he was missing the fight also proved to be resistant to the extreme charms that Roger was putting out. Roger after ensuring that his two crewmembers were okay realized that he had hurt G’Lorm and wanted to apologize but when he went to open the door found it locked. Again instinctively activating his enhance IQ he had no problem opening and then manually overriding the lock. With the captain, Sandee, and James in tow they followed the blood trail that G’Lorm had left back to Medbay and found G’Lorm in a nanopod already on his way to healing land. Roger reached into the pod and G’Lorm quickly feel under his sway. Roger apologized for hurting him so bad, but really G’Lorm was honored to be hit by someone so strong, after all he survived which said a lot for his own toughness.

It was at this point that Bob decided drastic measures were called for and began slowly draining the oxygen from the cargo bay allowing him to bypass the safety overrides which normally keep the occupied areas of the ship from decompressing, clever bug ain’t he. Unfortunately the high tech monitors in the med bay began registering a lack of oxygen on the part of the two Der’man’s and Sandee caught this and mentioned it to Roger. Turning to his console Roger and Bob proceeded to have a quick battle of wits. Unfortunately Bob fell one step behind when he opened the cargo bay doors and Roger cut the power to his consoles, thus keeping him from continuing. He then decided to pay Bob a visit and supersped to the bridge. A quick conversation led Bob to offer that he would stop trying to kill Roger if Roger just stepped into the airlock, while Roger apologized for the whole incident, it was all a misunderstanding. Roger sensing no deception agreed to the terms.

Bob checked up on everyone else and found them to be recovering from the charm overdose. The captain decided not to space Roger and Sandee found that while they were all distracted the computer had come up with an antivirus and a vaccine. A short conversation later between the captain and Sandee and it was decided that they would use one of the two Der’man’s as a test subject, instead of asking Luke to try it.

Grabbing James along the way Sandee injected the Pink skinned Der’man with her anti-virus. Apparently he was an external Kei user and the energy started building up in a very visible manner. Within minutes he was almost blinding. The captain instinctively reached out and started draining away his Kei, unfortunately she hit her max and it still looked like the Der’man was going to explode. She again reacted instinctively and grabbed James feeding the energy into him. Having bled off enough energy to avert and explosion, Sandee ran a quick scan. The scan showed that the Dr’man was no longer infectious then crashed with a buffer overrun error. Sandee and the captain decided to offer Luke thr antivirus. Luke showed some moral outrage at the fact that they had tested it on an unconscious patient but decided to take the anti-virus anyway.

At that moment one of the airduct vents in Lukes quarters flew off it’s hinges and Karath came out.
End of Session 7

And then he sneezed
Session 6

The crew having successfully completed the job received their money from Mr. Keller, he took the device and delivered it to Mr. Johnson. The crew decided to not follow him. During the brief exchange Mr. Johnson said he was impressed that Lionel had gotten the crew to go along and that they would definitely do business in the future. He then dismissed Lionel who walked off into the crowded station. (At this point Lionel is no longer a PC as the player has decided to switch characters to James Garen) The crew went back to their standard shipboard duties and waited for the Captain to be released.

Meanwhile Luke and the Captain waited out the isolation period. During the poking and prodding phase of the isolation the Captain missed the fact that her healing rate was extremely high, needle marks would close and heal in seconds. Even the reaction of the doctors to this missed grabbing her attention. She asked to talk to some of the other Der’Rum that were isolated, but the scientists and doctors insisted upon complete isolation. Luke, liking the Captain’s idea was also stopped short of visiting others by the GCS guards stationed between each cell. 3 uneventful days later they were released.

All of the Der’Rum gathered into a small auditorium. A Major from the GCS, a Rigellian, stood in front of them and informed them for better or worse they now appeared to be human there did not appear to be any evidence of infectious vector that might impact other Der’Rum so they were free to go. All GCS records were updated to reflect their new status and to avoid incident all other records that could be reached by the GCS were also being updated. They were free to use the auditorium for the next 4 hours but were asked to leave promptly after that.

The Captain and Luke then proceeded to board a cube and head towards the ship. The captain asked Luke if more security was needed. Luke puffing out his chest exclaimed that no more security was needed. On the cube Luke noticed a military artist begin walking towards him, the Captain noticed the change in his demeanor and hid behind him. The two MAs glared at each other until they were in hand to hand range at which point Luke’s arm lashed out and clasped the outstretched arm of his dear old friend James. “Astra missus” Luke exclaimed. “est alea” James finished. “Captain,” Luke said, “meet James Garen and we do need more security especially if James is available.” James said he was available and the Captain agreed to hire him.

Arriving back at the ship the Frozen Star admitted Luke, the Captain, and their guest, without the necessary reprogramming that Bob thought would/should be necessary. This sent Bob into a tizzy as he verified that the records had indeed been changed to show the Captain was human and even included her new bio security information, but there was no sign of who had made the changes.

After a quick discussion the Captain decided they should immediately fly to the nearest Der’Rum colony to seek assistance with her problem. Bob also attempted to see if the collective had more information and found his queen waiting for him. She was very unhelpful, but indicated that Mr. Johnson could be trusted as they were old friends. The Captain tried to dig up some cargo or other job that would help pay the way but was unable to find something so she ordered an immediate departure. All hands eagerly watched their scanners as the ship pulled away from the station and it quickly became obvious that another ship had left nearly simultaneously with them and was also headed to the stargate. The ship, Falling Red Horizon, was a independent trader made up of Tursk shareholders according to its ID records.

The Captain decided to err on the side of caution and G’Lorm faked an engine failure to justify them opening a gap between them. Falling Red Horizon hailed to offer assistance, which the crew only faking a failure declined saying the damage wasn’t fatal and should be fixed in a matter of hours.

Allowing the appropriate amount of time to pass G’Lorm brought the engines back online and they proceeded to the gate. The gate manager placed them in queue and all breathed a sigh of relief when the Falling Red Horizon passed through the gate and left the system apparently coincidences do exist.

Passing through the gate themselves they found the Der’Rum warship Charged Flame sitting in the trading lanes at the minimal safe distance for ships to divert around it after having come through the gate. They hailed the Frozen Star and demanded that they pull aside and shut down their engines in preparation for being boarded. The Captain agreed to do so hoping to get some answers. And the Der’Rum ship interpenetrated with the Frozen Star. The maneuver was visually impressive as a small section of the warship swooped down and withdrew leaving behind 6 heavily armed Der’Rum.

The Der’Rum and crew exchanged information which ended with the Der’Rum seeming incredibly tense at which point Luke sneezed all over them and they decided that quarantine would be a good idea. They departed in a shuttle instead of having the whole ship swoop in to pick them up. The crew moved on to discussing what would happen next. Bob, mentioned that his Queen had inferred that Mr. Johnson could be trusted and the Captain flew out of her chair and picked him up off the ground apparently with ease. Seeing the Captain holding bob the air with one arm in an obviously threatening manner. Luke stepped forward and put his hand on the Captain ‘s shoulder asking her to calm down. In response the Captain threw him into the bulkhead, possibly breaking a few ribs. The whole crew held their breaths for a few seconds and the Captain put Bob back on the ground apologizing. By this point it was obvious that as she used her Kei she became more human as the blue color drained from her body. Almost 50% of her hair was now a black rather than a blue, likewise her eyes were no longer blue orbs, but had almost become normal, the color of the irises still unrevealed.

The captain excused herself and a long and restless night was had by all. The bright spot, at least from my viewpoint, being that Luke deduced that Jon couldn’t be found because he used to be a Der’Rum. In the morning the crew gathered around their stations and discovered that the Charged Flame had broken up in the middle of the night, parts still held together by Der’Rum wizardry were slowly drifting away on the solar winds. A quick check of the logs showed that the shuttle containing the Der’Rum soldiers had cloaked and possibly boarded the Charged Flame bringing the infection to the warship. Bob again sought the council of his Queen and she instructed him to build a device that would detect “the infected”. G’Lorm, Bob, and Sandee all worked together and managed to produce the device within an hour. The device displayed a steady tone when turned on. Bob waved the device at himself and nothing changed . He then proceeded to check everyone else out starting with G’Lorm, Karath, Sandee, James, the Captain, and lastly Luke at which point the sensor went crazy. A few more waves and it was confirmed that Luke was the only person the sensor responded to. At which point Bob remembered the Queens had told him he had been cured but that the MAs they had fought on the promenade had been infected with some sort of virus. A slowed down closeup of Luke’s sneeze showed that what everyone had assumed was just mucus also glowed with Kei discharge. While the mucus passed through the Der’Rum harmlessly the Kei interacted with them in some way absorbed into their energy forms.
End of Session 6

The fight that never ends
Session 4

The cube with the human following the party pulled into the station and the seeming heat mirages flowed out of the cube and into the station proper, the more perceptive of the group thought they saw individual movement. The man remained on board. G’Lorm threatened violence if the man didn’t give more information, the captain attempted reason. The man just laughed, setting Luke off. Luke in a burst of green Kei energy shot towards the man who dodged faster than the eye could follow. This resulted in Luke smashing through the cube’s wall through the tunnel’s wall and out in to a landscaped area behind the cube station.

Lionel a Nen-I operator who just happened to be in the crowd stepped forward and urged calm and a peaceful resolution before any further violence could occur. Bob slightly off to the side and with some knowledge provided by his new Queen attempted to intercept the man instead running into the cloaked suit of battle armor that was standing between him and the man, due to the collision the suits cloaking failed and the other three suits that were still in cloak decloaked to add menace to the situation. This started a fight that would go on for four hours real world time and approximately 45 seconds game time.

The four battlesuits are variations of a basic model. The first one to be revealed had incredibly flexible limbs and proceeded to lift Bob of the ground with his “foot”. Another unsheathed a sword about 6 ft. in length and started exchanging attacks with G’Lorm. Sandee attacked one that had an energy weapon on its arm hoping to keep it out of the fight and therefore keep the captain safe. Karath, Lionel, and the captain took on one that had a Gatling gun for an forearm.

While the armor with the gatling hosed down the crowd and some of the crew members Luke and the mystery human, Jon, exchanged whitty banter and the occasional ineffective blow. The captain filled her shoes to the tee providing advice to the crew on how to work better as a team (game benefit of +10 to combat or weapons rolls). Lionel attempted to speed the evacuation, and while successful managed to get badly hurt when a spray of Gatling rounds came his way. Karath was also injured when the energy gun battlesuit briefly turned its attention to her. Sandee was first hurt when Jon exploited the weak spots in her shell and again from a followup attack by the Gatling suit. G’Lorm received some decent wounds from the sword wielder but managed to take him out of the fight with his good ole maul and some determined bashing.

During the fight the captain would attempt to focus her matrix to cause massive damage to the physical world, but she would only land this attack once. We would also discover that some of the hormone’s the Queen had changed in Bob were lingering and if he got mad enough he could spit acid again. This lead to the grisly demise of one of the battlesuits as its weakened integrity was no match for the acid he spit on it. Jon proved again that internal Kei users are truly annoying in both their ability to avoid damage and their capacity for healing as Luke hit Jon repeatedly with blows that would have killed a normal person and Karath managed to vaporize most of his chest with a well placed shot. Jon even managed to taunt Luke further by landing in perfect fighting stance on his staff after the strike failed to hit home.

Jon and Luke fought to a near standstill while the last of the battle suits were dealt with ending only when Luke ran out of Kei. At the end Jon did get a little chatty and revealed he was not a member of the Black Hand, the earth first movement made up of Military Artists. The weird part is that Jon didn’t finish Luke off when his Kei ran out. Instead he sped to the captain and planted a device on her forhead. With the battle ending Sandee and Lionel succumbed to their wounds and passed out. Luke without any Kei had to run around the outside of the building to get back inside. The rest of the crew gathered around the captain and attempted to remove/ power down the device. G’Lorm thought for sure that he had it, but before he could implement his fix the captain suddenly became a very naked and slightly blue tinted human. Her Der’Rum equipment fell to the floor and the remaining crew stood around in stunned silence.
End of Session 4

As the Spire tilts
Session 3

The crew find themselves trapped in a sealed area roughly the size of a city block with all of the ways in and out closed off by blast doors. Despite the ease with which the captain slid through the door, the rest of the crew certainly couldn’t move around that way. Taking a quick assessment the crew find that aside from the multiple dead bodies and the two military artists the are three other sentients enclosed with them. Two Nah-Tem, apparently mates, and some other being that looks very human but emitts nothing but really high pitched whining.

Before anything else can be acertained Bob scuttles to a wall and spits acid burning a hole through it and jumping through before it had even cooled. The captain chases after him, but he eventually outdistances her and she heads back. Sandee and the captain hold a brief conversation with the Nah-Tem and determine that they are eager to get out and will follow the crew. The other creature seems utterly hopeless but does recognize that it’s being talked to.

The captain decides she needs to scout ahead and proceeds into the next chamber, finding it full of people she pops back through and declares it safe to proceed. Then she scouts further afield Finding a Tursk banging away on the door to one of the shops she slips into the shop. The shop owner trying to defend his store opens fire on her with his gun, thankfully the physical shell passes straight through the captain causing no harm. When he fires again she gets the hint and returns to the main “street” continuing further towards the edge of the spire.

In the next area she finds two military artists (one yellow and one brown) fighting each other full bore, clearly after slaughtering the 40 or so people in the area. She turns to go back and keep the crew up to date and finds that a force field has been erected behind her and encases the whole area except the door leading towards the outer shell of the spire. Without the ability to turn back or circle around she decides to hurry through without trying to ascertain who they are or what they’re doing. In the next room she finds another Military Artist (glowing green) bashing his fists against the ground his knuckles are obviously getting torn up and healing in seconds indicating he is an internal Kei user. The captain also notices that there is beginning to be a dent where he is hitting even though the material is an incredibly strong alloy. She again decides to rush past

Continuing to the next area she finds a wall of spire security armed with riot shields and stubby rifles waiting for something to come through. Putting on her best “I’m not a threat” look she tries to calm them down only to realize they can’t understand her and she can’t understand them. Beyond the line of police there is a crowd of people. Most of them have flinched back from her sudden appearance. The police keep their cool though and wave her behind them. She continues on through the crowd and finally comes to the area where the Cube station is. There are microcracks throughout the whole cube tube and she decides to proceed clockwise down the tube, eventually she finds members of the official rescue party working on an emergency frieght elevator that will allow quick egress. They happen to have full power and working translators in their suits so they exchange information and she informs them that she will try to lead the survivors that she knows about out. Additionally she is told that the Der’Rum warship is the source of the destruction to the station.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew decide to try their luck with moving into the second chamber. G’Lorm feeling especially Turski bends at the knees throws all of his strength into it and lifts the blast door enough to get everyone through with one last jerk he throws it up and ducks through himself as the door slams back down behind him. Three military artists materialize out of the crowd and introduce themselves to Luke. The all seem very eager to get out of the spire and are willing to work together to do so. A quick discussion later everyone agrees that they will work together to get out and they proceed to the next blast door. The external Kei expert steps forward rolls his shoulders and then proceeds to use his Kei (purple) to blast the door completely out of it’s tracks and through the forcefield that was waiting on the other side. Everyone is impressed.

With the door still sliding across the floor the two military artist in the room turn and advance on the newly reveled crowd. Purple leaps into action and slices Yellow in half clearly expecting her to respond to his threat in some way other than letting him put his DITE right through her. Brown holds out a little longer but eventually succombs to the weight of the crew and the two military artists but not before severely hurting Sandee. G’lorm shoots him an extra time to change his status from down to dead. Luke searches through the body for some connection and finds that they both ate at the same resturuant earlier in the day, but this doesn’t appear to be relevant. As a side note the Spire had started to list, about 1 degree.

With nothing left to investigate here the group moves on to the next door where Purple proceeds to knock it down only to have it come falling back in their direction almost immediately. As the Military Artist, who had been pounding the floor, knocked it back in the crews faces. G’Lorm and Sandee both get hit by the falling door without any real effect everyone else had managed to get clear.

Combat ensued with Purple who had clearly been the groups most powerful member acting like a real jerk, hanging back and not getting involved. The true power of an internal Kei fighter was apparent as even the vast amounts of damage the group inflicted on him, the most dramatic of which was a gaping hole straight through his chest healed in seconds. Another memorable moment came when Sandee moved to the attack and was thrown the length of the area as though he was throwing a wad of paper. Karath moved past and appeared to be having little luck with her stun rifle. It was Luke who finally got the finishing shot in with a blow while the MA was concentrating on regenerating. Over the course of this battle it would also become apparent that the female MA was an internal Kei user and the other MA was a Neni opperator(Tod). By this point the Spire was listing 4 degrees.

Having arrived towards the end of the combat the captain kept out of the fray. Sandee wanting to speed things along began to burrow through the last door between them and the wall of cops. Once she had an opening just wide enough to peek and talk through they found that the rescue party had worked it’s way into the room and was able to powerup and open the door. As the civilian crowd rushed around them towards the Cube tube they discussed whether or not to go find/rescue Bob. The captain decided she was not going to leave a member of her crew behind, but Tod assurred her he could search for Bob faster. A brief exchange of bravido occurred between the other MA and the captured “insane” MA’s where taken into custody by the Rescue team and the cops. The crew towards the back of the exodus out of the spire reached a point where the captain decided to set out after Bob when Tod chimed in that he had found the Homogeny she was looking for, at least he thought so. They were all evacuating from a completely different part of the spire, but seemed like they would make it.

Despite the grumblings of several crew members that they should abandon Bob since Bob abandoned them the captain had the crew walk around the outside of the spire to where Tod said he thought Bob would be. A Homogeny showed up and informed the Captain that Bob was in a audience with the Queens and would join them when he became free. He also informed her that the Der’Rum attack would be “stopping about now” in perfect coordination with the sudden halt of the minor tremors that had been rocking the station.

Because of the sudden drop in danger the crew decided to stay on the station instead of trying to flee in their ship. Medical assistance arrived and Sandee and Luke were both healed in the hi-tech facilities of the GCS. Upon being released the crew took the cube back to their hotel and just before getting off Karath noticed that the person who had ducked into the alleyway at the start of all the excitement was in the cube behind them additionally she noticed a weird shimmer to the air in the cube. While there could be several reasons for this the most likely was someone or something was cloaked inside with the alien. The crew stepped off the cube only to be greeted by Bob and prepared for the confrontation ahead.

End of Session 3

Why were you attacked Citizen
Session 2

With the arrival of the Galactic Civilization Security (GCS) team in full power armor the captain decided that keeping her head down and following orders was the best idea. Leaving out the part about the artifact, the crew was otherwise honest with the officers. The officers explained that due to the death of a GCS inspector who was scheduled to inspect their cargo their ship would be impounded and shutdown, as it was a crime scene. Again the captain put up no fight and was rewarded with the GCS putting the crew up in decent quarters.

The GCS left them with a nominal guard, a lowly GCS private in light armor. The crew decided that they were still in danger. While debating what to do about it the more observant members of the crew heard a thump out in the hallway. Luke sprang into action activating his Kei and leaping across the room, only his desire not to completely demolish the door slowing down his investigation of the hallway.

As he poked his head out he found that Mr. Johnson was leaning against the wall with a wound to his lower left abdomen. He had left a very bad streak of blood down the wall. The GCS private was not responding to this at all, continuing to stand straight and only concerning himself with guarding the door to the room, which the bleeding Mr. Johnson had not threatened yet. Luke zipped out and brought Mr. Johnson into the room forcibly, while the private continued to stare uninterestedly. When asked why he was not responding he stated that Mr. Johnson was not a true threat and it was not within his mission parameters to get him medical aid.

While the crew stabilized Mr. Johnson the captain fought a war of information with him trying to figure out whether the murder, the radiation at the bar, and the attack on the ship were connected. In the end her gut was telling her that he believed they were not all connected but beyond that the truth was muddled.

The medic, a floating gas giant dweller looking much like a jelly fish with some mechanical fans, showed up and took Mr. Johnson into himself then floated away. A heated argument broke out after he left about whether or not it was safer to stick together overnight or sleep in their separate rooms. The captain wisely decided it would be best to get some food and discuss in a more relaxed situation. The proceeded to one of the hab-spires promenades and had a relaxing meal. After the last plate had been removed but before they settled in to resume the debate Luke started to feel sick. Karath then picked some odd behavior out of the crowd 7 blocks down the street, as she settled her gaze to get more detail she caught just a glimpse of a humanoid figure duck into an alley way. Mentioning it to the crew enticed Luke to zip from the room.

Stepping through the door to the restaurant Luke’s flow of Kei suddenly halted and he tumbled awkwardly out of 200mph run towards the alleyway. Nothing like this had happened to him since he had completed training and become a full military artist. Standing up he resumed his flow and speed through the crowd. Before he could turn down the alleyway though, he saw a commotion off to the side. Two other Military Artists, one red one blue, had powered up and were attacking the crowd with deadly effect.

A quick decision was made and the crew rushed to defend the innocent bystanders. The Luke exchanged attacks with first one then the other of the two humans. While receiving severe damage he did partially distract them from the crowd saving dozens of lives. The rest of the crew joined the fight after several seconds of wading through the now panicking crowd. A blast from a stun rifle caused a weird reaction from the human with a blue aura, his aura imploded taking him with it. The other an internal Kei user was eventually worn down by the massed attacks of the crew. Bob decided to investigate the area where the implosion happened. After approaching his bio energy field activated and the human appeared out of thin air. Much like Luke Bob was startled by the flare of energy given that only infirm and infant Homogeny experience uncontrolled bursts of energy.

Before more than a cursory inspection could be completed there was a minor shaking that some of the crew were able to identify as an explosion. The lights flickered a couple times and went out, followed immediately by the stations blast doors slamming down. The captain found herself cut off from the rest of the crew, a minor inconvenience for a Der’Rum. The emergency lighting came on and the captain easily passed right through the multi-ton blast door. Thus ends session 2.

An artifact to think about
Session 1

The crew find themselves returning from retrieving an artifact from the dead planet Charuteh. The mysterious Tursk fixer, Mr. Johnson, has promised them several months’ pay should they bring it back intact and unmolested. The pickup went perfectly the artifact was exactly where Mr. Johnson had said it would be. On the return trip the Captain subtly encouraged Sandee to investigate the artifact despite Mr. Johnson’s wishes, it only seemed prudent.

The artifact consisted of two cubes with a cylinder between them. The cubes were in perfect alignment down to the molecular level and the connections were seamless indicating Nano-construction. The surfaces of both cubes and the cylinder are etched with some sort of language or symbols. Initial scans revealed that the artifact was made of some unknown alloy bonding hydrogen with something else. They also revealed that the artifact was completely inert, giving off no energy of its own.

Sandee feeling completely bored and not liking the mystery dedicated the trip from Charuteh to the meeting with Mr. Johnson to decoding the symbols. She was partially successful recovering the following word in order but unable to decipher the words in between; Star, energy, sink, death. The captain reviewed this and decided to deliver the device anyway.

Upon docking at the Tsion station in the Genahi system, the meeting point, G’lorm and Bob proceeded to prep the ship for departure in case they needed to get away in a hurry. The Captain picked Karath and Sandee to accompany her to the drop and sent Luke off on shore leave. Luke had other ideas and followed the three of them to the Cube terminal (think 8 person tram system) where the Captain decided to let him come along rather than dressing him down.

Arriving at what was probably one of the worst maintained hab-spires the crew had ever encountered they proceeded to their meet at the windows peak, a bar of some sort. Passing down hallways that had graffiti, broken light systems, and actual physical damage they chatted about the chances that this was a trap. Coming to the courtyard where the bar and a couple other stores resided they found an ion fountain in perfect repair with pristinely cleaned tiling. While curious and utterly out of place the crew mostly ignored the fountain preferring to complete their business and move on to shore leave.

The Captain urged Karath to investigate the bar before she and the artifact entered. Karath unable to tell one Tursk from another confirmed it wasn’t a trap but didn’t know whether or not Mr. Johnson was waiting. The Captain and Sandee joined Karath inside while Luke rested against the fountain waiting for trouble. Inside Mr. Johnson waved the crew to a booth in the back and after pleasantries were exchanged scanned the device, finding it not powered he began hemming and hawing about how he would not pay for damaged goods. The captain asked Karath to “explain” their refund policy and Mr. Johnson decided more testing was in order. Pulling out a Nano wafer he proceeded to apply it to the upper surface of one cube than another. Sandee, quickly deducing that he was attempting to power the device and that it would more likely activate from the far ends from the cylinder turned the artifact so it was resting solely on one cube and put the wafer on top. The artifact hummed for a second and then all of the etching lit up.

Mr. Johnson flinched back then recovering himself proceeded to transfer the credits to the captain’s account. A quick conversation led to another potential job offer, if the captain would be so kind as to return in two hours. The captain agreed and Mr. Johnson left through the back door. The crew picked up their container and moved to the front door to find Luke missing. An unsuccessful search ensued after discovering his specific com frequency was being blocked.

Meanwhile, Luke sat outside attentive but also bored. A few minutes passed and two Terran children came out of a side corridor and started cleaning the fountain, a very odd thing to come across as most Terrans outside of Terra are Military Artists. Both were wearing standard Nano-clothes, one had ratty hair while the other didn’t. They pointedly ignored Luke and he for the most part stayed focused on the bar. However, when they left he felt the need to follow them. A few turns and an escalator later they entered a little shop that mostly sold fruit. Luke entered and his com went dead. He exited and it came back on, but when he reentered it went off again. Puzzled but not to be deterred he casually browsed the store and then slipped out the back where the two children had gone.

Opening the door he found them waiting for him. The older hostile while the younger was open and even asked if he was their daddy because of his DITE. He managed to get them to tell him that they cleaned the fountain at the behest of a Tursk, before he could get more out of them, the oldest told him to leave them alone and they ran off.

Walking back through the store Luke bought some sort of melon from the Nah-Tem vendor and proceeded back to the fountain. Waiting a few minutes he decided that without coms he should probably check in. With a swishing noise the doors opened to the bar as he approached, unfortunately everyone inside appeared to be dead and there was a very unpleasant smell of cooked flesh. A quick check revealed that the captain and the other crew members were not here. Deeper inspection revealed that the dead had been exposed to high radiation. Additionally, there was a booth table where all color had been bleached from the wood extending several feet in all directions from the center. It’s at this point that Luke 3+ hours have passed according to the stations chronometer. Racing back to the ship, his com returns just as he arrives back at the Cube terminal that they started at.

During his absence the captain and company had searched several of the other corridors and come up empty they then went to a more upper-class drinking establishment and returned to the Widows Peak at the appointed time. Mr. Johnson waited for them at the booth and explained that an even better job had come up, but that to ensure secrecy he needed to talk to brief all of the members of the crew at the same time. He gave an address in a really high class hab-spire, asked them to come early the next day, and left out the back door.

The captain beginning to worry about her missing crew member and wanting to mull this over in her ship proceeded back with Sandee and Karath. After using the Cube to return to the ship they mulled over their search options with G’Lorm and Bob. Several minutes later, while they were still discussing their options, Luke streaked through the door Kei flaring. He explained the situation at the bar, what he had found out about the fountain, and that he had suffered some sort of time dilation in a way that only Luke could, rambly and distracted.

Karath noticed something move outside, but dismissed it. As the Luke’s tale unfolded, she noticed the shoulder pad of an armored suit shifting in one of the shadows, but Luke’s tale was too engrossing to let it distract her. Finally she noticed an object streaking for the airlock and dove out of the way. The other members of the crew stood in shock as the door exploded off its hinges and both projectiles and beams of energy came slicing into the room. As Luke dove out of the way, a solid slug passed through the captain flattening on the wall. Others were hit and sustained minor damage. G’Lorm, Sandee, and Luke all rushed out of the ship and proceeded into hand to hand combat with their assailants (five armored humanoids carrying rifles). Luke glowing green as his Kei flowed out of him zipped around the battlefield dramatically killing two of them. G’Lorm using a Tursk warclub broke both arms on another allowing Bob to skitter out and drag him back to the ship. Sandee waded into the fight trusting her invulnerability and claws to see her through, and boy did they, even as slugs flattened out on her hide, the energy rifles barely tickled her. At one point three of the assailants were firing upon her causing her to laugh at their stupidity. Then they wised up and fired a grenade right into her chest, finally doing some damage. The last one standing attempted to hit her with a second grenade, but missed damaging the hull.

As the air slowly leaked out of the docking area the crew retreated to the ship with the captain taking a grievous wound from a sniper with an energy weapon. Karath returned fire and narrowly missed hitting some crates directly in front of the sniper as he rolled away and missing again as the slimmest sliver of his back presented itself as he fled. Safely aboard the ship they attempted to interrogate their captive, he looked human and bleed red blood like humans, but seemed to be lacking that vital spark of intelligence, then his mouth started foaming, he convulsed and died. G’Lorm picked him up and threw him out the airlock. Luke rushed back out and finished off the last of the assailants who had been knocked unconscious but was beginning to stir.

The captain, now a small ball of energy, encouraged a debate about whether or not to follow through on the meet with Mr. Johnson. Bob pointed out that Mr. Johnson was not likely to be the person behind the attack as he could have just waited for them to come to the meeting and assured a kill. The debate raged on until the Authorities showed up. Thus ends session 1.


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