Queen Terra

A Homogeny queen master of trade


Terra is middle of the road Homogeny queen, with aspirations of becoming one of the ten. Her rusty red chitin reflects her methodical approach to life and her ability to wear down resistance. Like all queens she resembles the Homogeny drones in general shape but has many more limbs and is easily 10 times the size of the average drone. Terra moves and reacts exactly like a drone her size would. She is a known ally of Cana, and should she ever reach her lofty goal she will owe Cana much. She is a master of interstellar shipping, with a vast fortune as proof of her prowess. She generally leverages the Homogeny’s control of the stargates to advance her shipping empire. When first encountered by the crew Terra was on T’Sion station, this is her home and she rarely travels from it. She was meeting with two other queens , Cana (a black), and Di (a blood red). Having played a part in getting her out of the habspire, she might feel grateful to Bob, but who knows what Queens consider to important.


Queen Terra

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