Queen Lily

A slothful Homogeny queen


Lily is one of the lowest queens, she has no ambition and barely coasts by on her status as queen. Her light red chitin reflects her complete lack of luster. Like all queens she resembles the Hemogony drones in general shape but has many more limbs and is easily 10 times the size of the average drone. Lily rarely moves other than to hunt her helpless newborn offspring. She has no known allies in the Homogeny and is usually shunned by all of the other queens. Her only redeeming quality is that those who do escape from her clutches tend to be above the norm of the race. While the crew as a whole has never encountered Lily, Bob does not have fond memories of his pupil stage due to her hunting. Lily resides on a large cruiseliner that randomly roams the galaxies.


Queen Lily

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