Queen Di

Hemogony Queen specializing in Diplomacy


Di is middle of the road Hemogony queen. Her blood red chitin reflects her aggressive nature. Like all queens she resembles the Homogeny drones in general shape but has many more limbs and is easily 10 times the size of the average drone. Di does not wear this extra weight and size well, she is often described as waddling. She is a known ally of Cana, but has been known to pursue her own agenda from time to time. She is a master of entertaining and diplomacy. When she throws a soiree sentients from several solar systems away have been known to attend. When first encountered by the crew Di was on T’Sion station, this is her home and she rarely travels from it. She was meeting with two other queens , Cana (a black), and Terra (a rusty red). Having played a part in getting her out of the habspire, she might feel grateful to Bob, but who knows what Queens consider to important.


Queen Di

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