Mr. Johnson

A stylishly dressed Tursk who works as a fixer on T'Sion Station in the Remidies System


Always impeccably dressed Mr. Johnson keeps his secrets close to his vest. As a fixer he is smooth when happy, but can be very demeaning when things have not gone to plan. In his dealings with the crew he has always paid up, but has on occasion tried to find reasons not to, with the captain keeping him honest. While on T’Sion he moves from location to location never having meetings in the same place twice. Usually he prefers upscale restaurants, but occasionally will meet in the hives of scum and villainy to make a point. The captain has smuggled several illegal cargos for him in the past and most recently the crew retrieved THE artifact for him off of a dead world. Also through the proxy, Lionel Keller, the crew, minus Luke and the captain, “liberated” a prototype plasma regulator that forces high frequency plasma into a lower more stable frequency. Bob believes and has stated openly that Mr. Johnson must be a GCS agent. Bob’s Queen,Cana, has stated that Mr. Johnson can be trusted and that he is an old friend of hers.


Mr. Johnson

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