Crazy internal Kei user


Jon clocks in at 6’2" and 160ish pounds. His body is well toned and is very tanned to almost golden. He generally wears a high quality spacer outfit consisting of a tight fitting vacuum capable suit with a utility belt. His hair is a close cropped brown showing just a little more than peach fuzz both on top of his head and in a beard. His eyes are a light brown with flecks of gold in them. He does not carry a weapon with him.

The PCs have encountered Jon 3 times at least according to the GCS. The first time he was a sniper leading the attack failed on their ship. The second time Karath caught a glimpse of him in the promenade right before the MA’s going crazy and the Der’Rum attack. The third time he confronted them in the cube station and managed to turn the captain into a human. So far he has displayed the abilities of an internal Kei user, enahnced strength, extreme pain thresholds, massive regeneration abilities, etc..

He has also said in reference to the Captain “Now she truely is my daughter.”

Recently the Captain has been informed that this is really her Dad. Her mother believes that Jon and her Father are one and the same.



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