James Garen

Human Internal Kei user

Athleticism: 90Health: 45Initiative: 70
Intelligence: 50General knowledge: 30Charm: 45
Sociability: 40Appearance: 65Kei: 60

  Acrobatics: 5(95)
  Climbing: 1(91)
  Stealth: 4(94)
  Profession Soldier: 10(55)
  Combat Analysis: 10(80)
  Dodge: 10(95)
  Martial Arts: 10(80)
  Weapons: 25(95)
  Paramedics: 3(53)
  Survival: 1(51)


James Garen has mostly groomed, dark brown hair and determined but friendly brown eyes. He’s built solid at about 5’ 9".

He was born into the Garen family and that meant he was practically born to be a soldier. His father was a soldier, his grandfather was a soldier and so on. When James’ internal kei abilities began to manifest he was excited at the new adventure ahead of him but a little sad to leave his tight knit family behind. He writes home often and also to other members of his family who are also abroad. He’s proud to be out and representing a family name that has served on a lot of ships and on the frontlines of many battles. The dufflebag he carries with him has the family name and crest stitched onto it. He’s good at following orders and loyal to whoever hires him, provided they’re not killing babies.

He had previously been serving on the Phoenix Bane but is now out of work after the captain was killed in the recent attack on the station. Out of work, he’s hoping for new work and new adventures.

James Garen

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