Nah'Tem Martial artist and Quiet Owner of the planet Eroromi


Ikani is a Nah’Tem warrior, a master of the martial arts of the Nah’Tem. He has risen in the ranks of the Nah’Tem and currently holds the title of Quiet Owner, this is the equivalent of a Samurai of ancient Japan. Effectively he is a modern warlord in charge of the lower class workers output and their protection. Ikani recognized the potential in Karath and a young age and brought her along in her martial skills both hand to hand and ranged. Since doing so he has steadily risen in rank among the Nah’Tem to his present position. His duties place a fully colonized world, Eroromi, under his protection and as such he has not spent much time keeping in touch with his pupil. He would welcome her with open arms and show her much in the way of hospitality as long as she did not overstay her welcome.



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