G'Ton Lore

A Tursk clan leader in charge of the colony on G'Palislin


G’Ton is a Tursk and the leader of G’Lorm’s clan. He fought in the Human/Tursk and is now halfway through his life. He’s still in excellent shape as are most Tursk warriors. He has dark green and brown scales with what appears to be little starburst patterns in them. No one is sure where these patterns came from, but the rumor is that they occurred when he disrupted a Der’Rum by jumping into him during a minor skirmish on Vasior VII . G’Ton would have been responsible for the overall training of G’Lorm, but may or may not have been involved personally. Either way G’Ton has some insight and contacts within Tursk society. He can be found on the clan homeworld of G’Palislin, recently given to the clan to colonize due to their valor in the war.


G'Ton Lore

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