The Frozen Star amoung us

Why were you attacked Citizen

Session 2

With the arrival of the Galactic Civilization Security (GCS) team in full power armor the captain decided that keeping her head down and following orders was the best idea. Leaving out the part about the artifact, the crew was otherwise honest with the officers. The officers explained that due to the death of a GCS inspector who was scheduled to inspect their cargo their ship would be impounded and shutdown, as it was a crime scene. Again the captain put up no fight and was rewarded with the GCS putting the crew up in decent quarters.

The GCS left them with a nominal guard, a lowly GCS private in light armor. The crew decided that they were still in danger. While debating what to do about it the more observant members of the crew heard a thump out in the hallway. Luke sprang into action activating his Kei and leaping across the room, only his desire not to completely demolish the door slowing down his investigation of the hallway.

As he poked his head out he found that Mr. Johnson was leaning against the wall with a wound to his lower left abdomen. He had left a very bad streak of blood down the wall. The GCS private was not responding to this at all, continuing to stand straight and only concerning himself with guarding the door to the room, which the bleeding Mr. Johnson had not threatened yet. Luke zipped out and brought Mr. Johnson into the room forcibly, while the private continued to stare uninterestedly. When asked why he was not responding he stated that Mr. Johnson was not a true threat and it was not within his mission parameters to get him medical aid.

While the crew stabilized Mr. Johnson the captain fought a war of information with him trying to figure out whether the murder, the radiation at the bar, and the attack on the ship were connected. In the end her gut was telling her that he believed they were not all connected but beyond that the truth was muddled.

The medic, a floating gas giant dweller looking much like a jelly fish with some mechanical fans, showed up and took Mr. Johnson into himself then floated away. A heated argument broke out after he left about whether or not it was safer to stick together overnight or sleep in their separate rooms. The captain wisely decided it would be best to get some food and discuss in a more relaxed situation. The proceeded to one of the hab-spires promenades and had a relaxing meal. After the last plate had been removed but before they settled in to resume the debate Luke started to feel sick. Karath then picked some odd behavior out of the crowd 7 blocks down the street, as she settled her gaze to get more detail she caught just a glimpse of a humanoid figure duck into an alley way. Mentioning it to the crew enticed Luke to zip from the room.

Stepping through the door to the restaurant Luke’s flow of Kei suddenly halted and he tumbled awkwardly out of 200mph run towards the alleyway. Nothing like this had happened to him since he had completed training and become a full military artist. Standing up he resumed his flow and speed through the crowd. Before he could turn down the alleyway though, he saw a commotion off to the side. Two other Military Artists, one red one blue, had powered up and were attacking the crowd with deadly effect.

A quick decision was made and the crew rushed to defend the innocent bystanders. The Luke exchanged attacks with first one then the other of the two humans. While receiving severe damage he did partially distract them from the crowd saving dozens of lives. The rest of the crew joined the fight after several seconds of wading through the now panicking crowd. A blast from a stun rifle caused a weird reaction from the human with a blue aura, his aura imploded taking him with it. The other an internal Kei user was eventually worn down by the massed attacks of the crew. Bob decided to investigate the area where the implosion happened. After approaching his bio energy field activated and the human appeared out of thin air. Much like Luke Bob was startled by the flare of energy given that only infirm and infant Homogeny experience uncontrolled bursts of energy.

Before more than a cursory inspection could be completed there was a minor shaking that some of the crew were able to identify as an explosion. The lights flickered a couple times and went out, followed immediately by the stations blast doors slamming down. The captain found herself cut off from the rest of the crew, a minor inconvenience for a Der’Rum. The emergency lighting came on and the captain easily passed right through the multi-ton blast door. Thus ends session 2.


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