The Frozen Star amoung us

To save a species

Session 10.5

While the rest of the crew worked on the problem of the terrorist group on the University planet, the Captain, Luke, and Ovdotia sped towards the Der’Rum homeworld. While transiting the gate system they discussed the issue of Jon. Ovdotia revealed her continued love for him and that he had come back from a deep space exploration mission changed and ranting about The Flesh, some horror at the edge of the Galaxy that would wipe out all Der’Rum unless they were no longer Energy based lifeforms.

To this end Jon had pretended to calm down and return to his duties only to later slip away. Ovdotia had been following the breadcrumbs he had left and had caught up to him shortly after he left T’sion station. This in turn lead to her capture and her rescue by the crew shortly thereafter.

Several days later, they arrived to find the Der’Rum fleet unsuccessfully engaging a planet sized sphere. The weapons on the sphere sliced through even the largest of warships with little trouble. The return fire while shaving bits and peices off the vessel would not be sufficient to stop it before it reached the sun, it’s apparent goal. Knowing that time was of the essence and that their smaller stealth craft might be able to slip through where the larger warships of the fleet could not, the captain ordered Luke to take them in.

The planetoid did indeed ignore them and they managed to slow down just enough to avoid a collision with its surface. Even so the radiation alarms jumped to life indicating that extended exposure to this planetoid would prove fatal to everyone on board biological or Energy form alike. Moving with increased alacrity Luke shot through a quick orbit of the planetoid looking for anything that might provide an entrance. As time flowed by the Captain finally spotted the massive door covering what must be a way in. Luke opened fire with all of the ships weapons and swung away from the planetoid to dive straight through the newly formed hole. The ship easily fit through the gap and after nearly a mile of tunnel they entered a large empty space.

The radiation meters suddenly spiked and the source was revealed to be a small orb roughly 200 meters in diameter. The Captain decided they would land on the orb and attempt to destroy it from within. She ordered Ovdotia to leave the ship and seek shelter in the walls of the planetoid. As Ovdotia left the Captain throttled the ship to full power and rammed it into the orb.

Surviving the jarring impact the found the ship had, by some stroke of luck, smashed it’s way into an even smaller corridor. Climbing out through the front emergency hatch the Captain and Luke made their way down the corridor only to be confronted by Jon at the end. Jon ranted about the Flesh and how this was the only way to save the Der’Rum race. Luke tired of listening attacked. After a quick battle, Luke was knocked unconcious and the Captain was faced with what she believed to be a hopeless battle against a much stronger Internal Kai user. In the face of this situation she did the unthinkable, she reached out and powered up Luke’s DITE ramming it into the control board at the center of the room. A massive energy wave swept out and everyone in the system was changed, knocking the Captain unconcious as it passed. The Captain awoke to find Luke floating nearby and managed to wake him, a wave of relief passing through her as she realized he was alive. Her arm was itching but aside from that she seemed fine. Luke was also itching his arm and after looking around pointed out that Jon was gone.

Ovdotia made an appearance and complained that she felt funny. Meanwhile both the Captain and Luke had graduated to itching uncontrollably. That’s when Luke realized his skin was glowing. A few more scratches and literally his human body started to fall off his energy form. He was now for all intents and purposes a Der’Rum. Seeing but not really seeing he looked at the Captain and found that she too had reverted to Der’Rum.


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