The Frozen Star amoung us

The fight that never ends

Session 4

The cube with the human following the party pulled into the station and the seeming heat mirages flowed out of the cube and into the station proper, the more perceptive of the group thought they saw individual movement. The man remained on board. G’Lorm threatened violence if the man didn’t give more information, the captain attempted reason. The man just laughed, setting Luke off. Luke in a burst of green Kei energy shot towards the man who dodged faster than the eye could follow. This resulted in Luke smashing through the cube’s wall through the tunnel’s wall and out in to a landscaped area behind the cube station.

Lionel a Nen-I operator who just happened to be in the crowd stepped forward and urged calm and a peaceful resolution before any further violence could occur. Bob slightly off to the side and with some knowledge provided by his new Queen attempted to intercept the man instead running into the cloaked suit of battle armor that was standing between him and the man, due to the collision the suits cloaking failed and the other three suits that were still in cloak decloaked to add menace to the situation. This started a fight that would go on for four hours real world time and approximately 45 seconds game time.

The four battlesuits are variations of a basic model. The first one to be revealed had incredibly flexible limbs and proceeded to lift Bob of the ground with his “foot”. Another unsheathed a sword about 6 ft. in length and started exchanging attacks with G’Lorm. Sandee attacked one that had an energy weapon on its arm hoping to keep it out of the fight and therefore keep the captain safe. Karath, Lionel, and the captain took on one that had a Gatling gun for an forearm.

While the armor with the gatling hosed down the crowd and some of the crew members Luke and the mystery human, Jon, exchanged whitty banter and the occasional ineffective blow. The captain filled her shoes to the tee providing advice to the crew on how to work better as a team (game benefit of +10 to combat or weapons rolls). Lionel attempted to speed the evacuation, and while successful managed to get badly hurt when a spray of Gatling rounds came his way. Karath was also injured when the energy gun battlesuit briefly turned its attention to her. Sandee was first hurt when Jon exploited the weak spots in her shell and again from a followup attack by the Gatling suit. G’Lorm received some decent wounds from the sword wielder but managed to take him out of the fight with his good ole maul and some determined bashing.

During the fight the captain would attempt to focus her matrix to cause massive damage to the physical world, but she would only land this attack once. We would also discover that some of the hormone’s the Queen had changed in Bob were lingering and if he got mad enough he could spit acid again. This lead to the grisly demise of one of the battlesuits as its weakened integrity was no match for the acid he spit on it. Jon proved again that internal Kei users are truly annoying in both their ability to avoid damage and their capacity for healing as Luke hit Jon repeatedly with blows that would have killed a normal person and Karath managed to vaporize most of his chest with a well placed shot. Jon even managed to taunt Luke further by landing in perfect fighting stance on his staff after the strike failed to hit home.

Jon and Luke fought to a near standstill while the last of the battle suits were dealt with ending only when Luke ran out of Kei. At the end Jon did get a little chatty and revealed he was not a member of the Black Hand, the earth first movement made up of Military Artists. The weird part is that Jon didn’t finish Luke off when his Kei ran out. Instead he sped to the captain and planted a device on her forhead. With the battle ending Sandee and Lionel succumbed to their wounds and passed out. Luke without any Kei had to run around the outside of the building to get back inside. The rest of the crew gathered around the captain and attempted to remove/ power down the device. G’Lorm thought for sure that he had it, but before he could implement his fix the captain suddenly became a very naked and slightly blue tinted human. Her Der’Rum equipment fell to the floor and the remaining crew stood around in stunned silence.
End of Session 4


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