The Frozen Star amoung us


Session 8

(For those of you who are not in the know Karath had a side adventure which can be found in the forums, feel free to read it to see most of what happened to her. A single post has been removed with the results of her rolls so that true mystery can be maintained  . Anyone not playing who wants to know the results just email me.)

Making a prefect landing , some noticing that she is way better than she was before, Karath grumps that her backup never came. The captain looks at her funny and asks what she’s talking about. Karath proceeds to tell her that she got caught in a water bubble out between the two hulls while investigating some leakage. Everything’s fine she just need to get dried off. Luke frowned suspiciously at this brush off answer. Everyone agreed to meet back at medbay in a few minutes to figure out how to administer Luke’s antivirus dose.

In order to burn some Kei and make themselves capable of absorbing more should they need to the captain and James have a quick sparing match. The captain would have lost had it been a real fight as James landed two good blows and only took one. James is after all working with a much higher base strength so when pumped he becomes truly crazy.

Karath heads back to the cargo bay and grabs the gear she left behind. After a quick shower she finds herself modifying her rifle. Best guess she’s improving it. She then heads down to medbay. Everyone has decided it will be best if the rest of the antivirus is administered in the much more heavily armored weapons locker so all of the explosives and important equipment is moved out into the hall. Luke uses his powers to speed things along and realizes that Karath is moving stuff almost as easily as he is. (Since they are both displaying supernatural levels of strength it’s more the bulk of the items that gives them trouble not the weight).

The captain, Sandee, and James all stand around while Luke gets injected. Unlike the Der’man though Luke is trained to control his powers and does not experience any energy leakage. The crew then brings in the last infected Der’man, not realizing that the antivirus has been tampered with, the effect will be the same an uninfected Der’man, but the process is now completely different. (Again anyone not in the campaign feel free to email me if you want to know what happened here.)

Sandee, injected the antivirus and stood back waiting for the Kei to start leaking from the poor Der’man. Instead his bones started reconfiguring shifting back and forth between spiky ridges and normal. These changes were probably causing massive internal damage, but no one in the room was in any shape to analyze the results as they were too busy dodging spiked body parts as the Der’man flailed around. The changes slowed and came to a stop within minutes but then the Der’man threw up a spiky hairball of pulsing with Kei energy. The first blast from the ball caught the crew by surprise and even managed to hurt Sandy so they fled from the room. After the second flare the crew managed to get the door shut and all further damage was contained within the room. 4 more flares occurred and then there was silence.

The crew tentatively opened the door to find the Der’man had been killed by the explosions. The Spiky ball continued to flare in ever weakening pulses, but was obviously of no harm anymore. Sandee took samples of everything and went back to medbay. G’Lorm slipped back into the nanobath he had so recently vacated. Starting an investigation Sandee and the captain went to review the weapons lockers video only to find it was corrupted, asking Bob about it he informed them that several electrical systems were damaged by the explosions and he was working on improving data integrity so future similar incidents didn’t cause similar damage.

In the middle of his frantic work Bob was also examining the external sensor logs to make sure they were not in any danger from external forces. See no threats on his plot he was startled a few seconds later when he noticed a ship performing final synchronization to ram their ship, it had been cloaked previously. He quickly hit the alarm and shouted that they were about to be boarded most likely in the mess hall. The captain went to the bridge to join Bob while the rest of the crew proceeded to the mess hall.

Luke entered the room first and proceeded to put the hurt on slamming his DITE into the faces of two of the 4 boarders arrayed against him. James and Karath followed up shooting from the doorway at the other end of the mess hall. Luke tore through his opponents knocking them around and not taking a scratch in return. G’Lorm rushed past Karath and James to fight the boarders hand to hand as they pushed their way through the opening and managed to tag one before Karath tossed a grenade down the hole the boarder’s had cut through the floor. Luke wanting to take the fight to the boarders jumped down only to find himself in almost complete darkness, only his Kei fueled DITE created a little light allowing him to barely see the ladder behind him. Twirling his DITE around both himself and the ladder he managed to catch two more of the boarders killing them instantly, before jumping back out of the hole.

Meanwhile the Bridge was boarded by two more of the boarders and the captain using most of her Kei reserves fought one, while Bob commed Karath to come to the bridge. Karath responded, but noticed there was another boarder in the engine room. Having wounded him, she shouted that there was a boarder in the Engine room and left him for G’Lorm to deal with. The captain having beat one boarder to death was advancing on the second who had backed up to the exit. Unfortunately, Karath entered the bridge at that moment slashing her sword across his back and then punching it through his chest causing him to slump to his knees dead.

Luke fighting two opponents while straddling the hole barely managed to dodge a surprise shot that came flying out of it. He then spun his staff finishing off one of the two opponents and dropped down the hole ramming his staff through the head and body of his attacker. Still finding himself in darkness he sprang back out found that Sandee and James had finished the last opponent in the mess hall. Sandee also figured out how to open the armor the boarder was wearing and found their enemies where essentially sentient transparent skins filled with salty water.

Meanwhile G’Lorm dealt with the boarder in the Engine room with typical Tursk aggressiveness beating him to a bloody pulp with his maul. He then proceeded to check everything out finding the boarder hadn’t had time to mess with anything before Karath found him. Bob on the other hand discovered that several escape pod sized vessels separated from the attacking ship and opened fire on them. Destroying slightly over half before the remainder disappeared into cloak.

With the fight wrapped up, Sandee, Karath and the captain cleared the captain’s quarters and everyone assembled in the mess hall responding to Luke’s call for lights. Since the lights did not help everyone took a look in. Karath had no trouble seeing in the unnatural darkness so she jumped down the hole and proceeded to find a Limner, a cricket like that emits a continuous air-born ink that blocks light very effectively, in a cage. She knew that if she created the right series of sounds she could lull the creature to sleep, which would allow the ink to dissipate. She used her sword and her talons to create the sound and the rest of the crew joined her in the now lit airlock. With ease Bob and G’Lorm unlocked the ships systems and opened the doors to allow them to proceed in their investigation of the ship. This revealed several things, the ship had a combination of advanced equipment, all conveniently destroyed by the crew that abandoned ship, and a Der’Rum being restrained in the cargo area. The Der’Rum to everyone’s shock is the captain’s mother. She insists that the Captain and Luke take the ship’s shuttle and leave immediately on a very important mission. The Captain acquiesced and they quickly left the ship in the shuttle, leaving the rest of the crew to handle the aftermath.
Thus ends session 8


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