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Session 9

The Captain left the ship with only one command follow up with Sandee’s friend to see if she could glean any information. The crew decided that they also needed to get rid of their remaining Der’man passengers. The crew let Roger out of the airlock and after some talking he pointed out that he was still a member of the the Der’Rum military and that he and the other Der’man crew members should be returned to the Der’Rum. He was granted access to the ships comm system and summoned a Der’Rum ship to pick him and his compatriots up. When the ship arrived they docked and everybody got back to their jobs.

During the long trip to the University it was discovered that Sandee and Karath remembered a different version of events than James, G’Lorm, and Bob. Sandee piecing together what she could discovered that their memories diverged the moment they entered this system but before they entered the seemingly non-existent gate to the Peresphone system containing TSion station. In fact there was no record of TSion station or the gate because the records show that the system suffered a supernova significantly in it’s distant past and hadn’t been deemed habitable.

Further review of this phenomenon revealed that for Sandee and Karath the ships logs for the time after the difference in memories were a huge jumble of contradictory logs while the rest of the crew saw events that matched what they believed happened. Karath spoke with an expert on the subject of subjective viewpoints and was able to filter out five of the overlapping Journals. Sandee demanded blood samples from everyone and performed extensive testing but was unable to find a reasonable cause for the difference in memories. That left her with some sort of alternate reality theory and no real method for checking for it.

She hoped that her old friend at the University might be able to help. The two weeks travel flew by as the crew relaxed and got back into their old rhythms. Sandee worked feverishly trying to find a reason for the difference and memories and exhausted all remaining possibilities aside from alternate realities. G’Lorm made the offhand comment that the artifact caused it, but no one else cared to commented on that statement.

Finally, they arrived at the University a huge scholastic planet hosting one of the top five Universities in the galaxy. Upon landing they were greated by two professors who took them to Sandee’s friend the Dean of of the Xenobiology school, a Der’Rum. She welcomed them warmly and promised her full support, Bob noticed a quick message flash on the side of her head facing him. Obviously, having plenty to catch up on Sandee recommended that the rest of the crew take a tour. After they left Sandee talked about her theory on the alternate realities and didn’t like her friends reaction which she felt indicated that she thought Sandee was crazy. While true her friend did still offer to help.

Meanwhile the crew decided to split up as G’Lorm was unwilling to tour a museum. He started back to the ship but decided to instead stop by Marty Molerat’s, a local Tursk hangout, to grab a bite to eat. He was standing in line when a Nah’Tem dressed in a black trenchcoat stepped out of the crowded restaurant pointing a HV-1 at him. As any Tursk in their right mind would do G’Lorm smashed his maul into his assailant’s gun and body breaking several ribs and crushing a lung. In the process the gun exploded in a burst of some sort of red liquid that might have been blood. G’Lorm finished ordering his food and waited for the cops to show up as an eye witness called both an ambulance and the cops. G’Lorm went peacefully to the station when the cops did show up.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew, minus Sandee proceeded along on their tour. Suddenly a Tursk dressed in a black trenchcoat ran smackdab into a suit of armor knocking it over. He quickly stood up looked at the crew members and ran off. Somehow Bob managed to keep up with him and leapt onto his back initiating his bioshock. While the rest of the crew caught up, two more trenchcoat wearers, a Nah’Tem and another unknown race, stepped out of the crowd drawing what appeared to be old HV-1’s. The leader shouted, “The xenobiolog oppressors should all die”. Karath let the gun of the Nah’Tem clear it’s holster then promptly cut it in half, spraying some sort of liquid all over the place. Not quite as quickly, James punched the other sentient in the face, and it went to the floor with no further resistance. Again the group waited around for the police and were brought to the local jail.

Having held back to talk with her friend Sandee and Kulova, the Dean, were surprised when the door burst open and five trenchcoat clad sentients rushed in. Looking truly ridiculous the group was lead by a K’Arid in a hugely missized trenchcoat. He shouted “The mistreatment of Xenobiologoids would no longer be tolerated and the the Dean’s evil reign of tyranny was over.” All five drew weapons and proceeded to get beat down by Sandee, leaving only the K’Arid in a wrestling match with Sandee. Ultimately, she was unable to overcome his jock physique and found herself pinned underneath him. She wisely chose to appear defeated and let the poor shmuck talk about his great crusade. Eventually the police arrived and took the five students into custody. Sandee and Kulova accompanied them and with the Dean’s vouching the crew was invited to help with the investigation.

Examination of the physical evidence led the crew to suspect that the trenchcoats were made in a dorm nanocloth machine. Further evidence pointed to a specific dorm. Karath staked out the dorm while Bob monitored the software. This revealed that an automated box came to pick up the completed code. The crew put tracking circuits in all of the trenchcoats that were made and Karath followed the automated box and the truck it boarded back to a warehouse. The box after going inside went into a shielded storage area inside. The trackers then indicated that the shipment had stopped moving. Having located the warehouse the crew did a little more digging and found the warehouse was owned by Starburst Interstellar Shipping company.

As a side part they also found that a security door near the Deans office had been jacked and an override had been manually put inside allowing unrestricted and unlogged access for someone using a remote.

The crew deciding to let that sit for a while came up with a plan to trap the bad guys using Sandee and a lecture as bait. They set the trap and did indeed lure in some bad guys. After the lecture had started an unknown male voice took over the speaker system and started spouting anti-xenobiology school rhetoric. Ending with you all must die and a loud click. Then the back of the auditorium expoded.
End of Session 9


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