The Frozen Star amoung us

No good deed unpunished

Session 7

With the ship idling near the wreckage of the Charged Flame, Bob started detecting Der’Rum life forms floating through space. Between them the crew managed to come up with the idea of holding the Der’Rum in the Cargo bay. G’Lorm, Bob, and the captain had a relatively tense conversation regarding how to handle it when the captain, still not completely in control of her powers, enhanced her Sociability and trickled it down to appearance and charm. This in turn put her Sociability somewhere in the area of 160, i.e. godlike. She told Bob and G’Lorm to get it done and low and behold they did, both of them thinking they would do anything the captain asked. Even Sandee, affected by this because she was listening in on the comms, came out of the lab and to help. James busy exercising in the weapons locker was outside the effect, Luke decided the captain would be more pleased if he stayed in quarantine, and Karath had wondered off somewhere else in the ship.

After such a successful command the captain settled into her chair quite pleased with herself. After completing her orders the crew slipped back into their normal stations and Bob proceeded to pilot the ship in such a manner that the Der’Rum floating in space were all rescued. It was then that he noticed another anomaly some sort of biomass forming an almost seamless cube. Pull closer he realized it was made out of flesh and was able to detect 6 life forms inside.

After a few failed attempts to pilot the ship to a docking position with the cube Sandee wandered onto the bridge, took a good look at his calculations and pointed out that the axis of his vector of approach was too steep, a minor change and a little bit of spin would allow a more optimal pairing of vectors. Bob ,giving Sandee the stink antenna, adjusted to her calculation and was able to successfully dock. The captain breathed a sigh of relief because she was having just as much trouble as Bob in figuring out the math on this delicate approach. G’Lorm, James, and Sandee wandered down to the airlock and cycled through it to find a door made up of human skin with bone buttons to one side. Sandee scanning the object determined that it was similar in structure to a human arm just spread out more. She reached out and hit the top button commonly used to open doors and the doorish area rolled back to reveal fleshy cube with six humans lying on the floor starting to suffer from hypoxia. Despite the need to rush the humans to the med bay Sandee proved herself to be a scientist first and strapped up several samples from the cube before carrying the last human back.

With the human’s all in bad shape Bob decided his help would be needed and left the bridge. G’Lorm, with the heavy lifting done, headed back to Engineering. Bob, Sandee, and James all worked on the 6 humans, and only losing one, much to everyone’s dismay. Still great odds given the fact that all 6 were minutes away from death before the crew got to them.

Meanwhile the captain attempted to get the Homogeny Gate to provide medical assistance, they refused having the evidence of what contact with the Frozen Star had on the Der’Rum warship. All of the captain’s unenhanced charm was unable to persuade them to provide assistance, and she couldn’t bring herself to activate her enhanced charm to persuade him. Her conversation did however bring a third party forward. A Tursk mercenary offered his assistance in “procuring aid” from the station. The captain sensing that this would mean a lot of violence declined the offer.
Sandee and Bob swept the 6 new humans and were able to ascertain that 2 were infectious and the other 4 were not, yes I’m including the dead guy, Sandee is very thorough. Further thought and research allowed Sandee to develop a Kei sensor that showed that the still energy Der’Rum were probably not infected and that Kei users who showed a steady use of Kei probably were. After this revelation the captain who had been calling around to various outposts and colonies in the system was able to convince a Regillian mining station to take the uninfected Der’Rum off the crew’s hands. A quick exchange and the Der’Rum were off the ship leaving the captain with 5 Der’man’s, to reduce the chance of infection the captain had the 3 uninfected moved to the mess hall and asked Sandee to keep them under.

Unfortunately, for the crew Internal Kei users have a way of purging drugs from their systems very quickly when under duress and one of the 3, eventually named Roger, woke up frightened and with more power than he knew what to do with. The first thing he tried to do was pass through the mess hall wall, which he found his new body now interacted with, a little tunnel vision added in and he tried to punch his way through said wall. Sandee and G’Lorm managed to get to the mess hall at about the same time, but unfortunately for G’Lorm he was a little faster and wielding his maul. He leapt into the room and was quickly reminded that Internal Kei users can pack quite a bunch. Flying back through the door he just entered and severely wounded he slumped to the ground as James jumped to the attack. To avoid James attack Roger executed a spectacular series of flips quickly crossing the mess hall and pulled up just short of Sandee, showing surprise that there was someone there. Sandee in turn attempted to grab him. Instead he slipped between her legs and out into the hallway to come face to face with the captain. The captain with a charming smile said “There’s nothing to be alarmed about we’re here to help.”

Taking a deep breath Roger instinctively switched from enhanced Physique to enhanced Presesence and proceeded to charm the pants off, the captain, Sandee and James, convincing them the fighting was over. Bob listening over the comms just couldn’t let his suspicions go and Luke slightly torqued that he was missing the fight also proved to be resistant to the extreme charms that Roger was putting out. Roger after ensuring that his two crewmembers were okay realized that he had hurt G’Lorm and wanted to apologize but when he went to open the door found it locked. Again instinctively activating his enhance IQ he had no problem opening and then manually overriding the lock. With the captain, Sandee, and James in tow they followed the blood trail that G’Lorm had left back to Medbay and found G’Lorm in a nanopod already on his way to healing land. Roger reached into the pod and G’Lorm quickly feel under his sway. Roger apologized for hurting him so bad, but really G’Lorm was honored to be hit by someone so strong, after all he survived which said a lot for his own toughness.

It was at this point that Bob decided drastic measures were called for and began slowly draining the oxygen from the cargo bay allowing him to bypass the safety overrides which normally keep the occupied areas of the ship from decompressing, clever bug ain’t he. Unfortunately the high tech monitors in the med bay began registering a lack of oxygen on the part of the two Der’man’s and Sandee caught this and mentioned it to Roger. Turning to his console Roger and Bob proceeded to have a quick battle of wits. Unfortunately Bob fell one step behind when he opened the cargo bay doors and Roger cut the power to his consoles, thus keeping him from continuing. He then decided to pay Bob a visit and supersped to the bridge. A quick conversation led Bob to offer that he would stop trying to kill Roger if Roger just stepped into the airlock, while Roger apologized for the whole incident, it was all a misunderstanding. Roger sensing no deception agreed to the terms.

Bob checked up on everyone else and found them to be recovering from the charm overdose. The captain decided not to space Roger and Sandee found that while they were all distracted the computer had come up with an antivirus and a vaccine. A short conversation later between the captain and Sandee and it was decided that they would use one of the two Der’man’s as a test subject, instead of asking Luke to try it.

Grabbing James along the way Sandee injected the Pink skinned Der’man with her anti-virus. Apparently he was an external Kei user and the energy started building up in a very visible manner. Within minutes he was almost blinding. The captain instinctively reached out and started draining away his Kei, unfortunately she hit her max and it still looked like the Der’man was going to explode. She again reacted instinctively and grabbed James feeding the energy into him. Having bled off enough energy to avert and explosion, Sandee ran a quick scan. The scan showed that the Dr’man was no longer infectious then crashed with a buffer overrun error. Sandee and the captain decided to offer Luke thr antivirus. Luke showed some moral outrage at the fact that they had tested it on an unconscious patient but decided to take the anti-virus anyway.

At that moment one of the airduct vents in Lukes quarters flew off it’s hinges and Karath came out.
End of Session 7


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