The Frozen Star amoung us

As the Spire tilts

Session 3

The crew find themselves trapped in a sealed area roughly the size of a city block with all of the ways in and out closed off by blast doors. Despite the ease with which the captain slid through the door, the rest of the crew certainly couldn’t move around that way. Taking a quick assessment the crew find that aside from the multiple dead bodies and the two military artists the are three other sentients enclosed with them. Two Nah-Tem, apparently mates, and some other being that looks very human but emitts nothing but really high pitched whining.

Before anything else can be acertained Bob scuttles to a wall and spits acid burning a hole through it and jumping through before it had even cooled. The captain chases after him, but he eventually outdistances her and she heads back. Sandee and the captain hold a brief conversation with the Nah-Tem and determine that they are eager to get out and will follow the crew. The other creature seems utterly hopeless but does recognize that it’s being talked to.

The captain decides she needs to scout ahead and proceeds into the next chamber, finding it full of people she pops back through and declares it safe to proceed. Then she scouts further afield Finding a Tursk banging away on the door to one of the shops she slips into the shop. The shop owner trying to defend his store opens fire on her with his gun, thankfully the physical shell passes straight through the captain causing no harm. When he fires again she gets the hint and returns to the main “street” continuing further towards the edge of the spire.

In the next area she finds two military artists (one yellow and one brown) fighting each other full bore, clearly after slaughtering the 40 or so people in the area. She turns to go back and keep the crew up to date and finds that a force field has been erected behind her and encases the whole area except the door leading towards the outer shell of the spire. Without the ability to turn back or circle around she decides to hurry through without trying to ascertain who they are or what they’re doing. In the next room she finds another Military Artist (glowing green) bashing his fists against the ground his knuckles are obviously getting torn up and healing in seconds indicating he is an internal Kei user. The captain also notices that there is beginning to be a dent where he is hitting even though the material is an incredibly strong alloy. She again decides to rush past

Continuing to the next area she finds a wall of spire security armed with riot shields and stubby rifles waiting for something to come through. Putting on her best “I’m not a threat” look she tries to calm them down only to realize they can’t understand her and she can’t understand them. Beyond the line of police there is a crowd of people. Most of them have flinched back from her sudden appearance. The police keep their cool though and wave her behind them. She continues on through the crowd and finally comes to the area where the Cube station is. There are microcracks throughout the whole cube tube and she decides to proceed clockwise down the tube, eventually she finds members of the official rescue party working on an emergency frieght elevator that will allow quick egress. They happen to have full power and working translators in their suits so they exchange information and she informs them that she will try to lead the survivors that she knows about out. Additionally she is told that the Der’Rum warship is the source of the destruction to the station.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew decide to try their luck with moving into the second chamber. G’Lorm feeling especially Turski bends at the knees throws all of his strength into it and lifts the blast door enough to get everyone through with one last jerk he throws it up and ducks through himself as the door slams back down behind him. Three military artists materialize out of the crowd and introduce themselves to Luke. The all seem very eager to get out of the spire and are willing to work together to do so. A quick discussion later everyone agrees that they will work together to get out and they proceed to the next blast door. The external Kei expert steps forward rolls his shoulders and then proceeds to use his Kei (purple) to blast the door completely out of it’s tracks and through the forcefield that was waiting on the other side. Everyone is impressed.

With the door still sliding across the floor the two military artist in the room turn and advance on the newly reveled crowd. Purple leaps into action and slices Yellow in half clearly expecting her to respond to his threat in some way other than letting him put his DITE right through her. Brown holds out a little longer but eventually succombs to the weight of the crew and the two military artists but not before severely hurting Sandee. G’lorm shoots him an extra time to change his status from down to dead. Luke searches through the body for some connection and finds that they both ate at the same resturuant earlier in the day, but this doesn’t appear to be relevant. As a side note the Spire had started to list, about 1 degree.

With nothing left to investigate here the group moves on to the next door where Purple proceeds to knock it down only to have it come falling back in their direction almost immediately. As the Military Artist, who had been pounding the floor, knocked it back in the crews faces. G’Lorm and Sandee both get hit by the falling door without any real effect everyone else had managed to get clear.

Combat ensued with Purple who had clearly been the groups most powerful member acting like a real jerk, hanging back and not getting involved. The true power of an internal Kei fighter was apparent as even the vast amounts of damage the group inflicted on him, the most dramatic of which was a gaping hole straight through his chest healed in seconds. Another memorable moment came when Sandee moved to the attack and was thrown the length of the area as though he was throwing a wad of paper. Karath moved past and appeared to be having little luck with her stun rifle. It was Luke who finally got the finishing shot in with a blow while the MA was concentrating on regenerating. Over the course of this battle it would also become apparent that the female MA was an internal Kei user and the other MA was a Neni opperator(Tod). By this point the Spire was listing 4 degrees.

Having arrived towards the end of the combat the captain kept out of the fray. Sandee wanting to speed things along began to burrow through the last door between them and the wall of cops. Once she had an opening just wide enough to peek and talk through they found that the rescue party had worked it’s way into the room and was able to powerup and open the door. As the civilian crowd rushed around them towards the Cube tube they discussed whether or not to go find/rescue Bob. The captain decided she was not going to leave a member of her crew behind, but Tod assurred her he could search for Bob faster. A brief exchange of bravido occurred between the other MA and the captured “insane” MA’s where taken into custody by the Rescue team and the cops. The crew towards the back of the exodus out of the spire reached a point where the captain decided to set out after Bob when Tod chimed in that he had found the Homogeny she was looking for, at least he thought so. They were all evacuating from a completely different part of the spire, but seemed like they would make it.

Despite the grumblings of several crew members that they should abandon Bob since Bob abandoned them the captain had the crew walk around the outside of the spire to where Tod said he thought Bob would be. A Homogeny showed up and informed the Captain that Bob was in a audience with the Queens and would join them when he became free. He also informed her that the Der’Rum attack would be “stopping about now” in perfect coordination with the sudden halt of the minor tremors that had been rocking the station.

Because of the sudden drop in danger the crew decided to stay on the station instead of trying to flee in their ship. Medical assistance arrived and Sandee and Luke were both healed in the hi-tech facilities of the GCS. Upon being released the crew took the cube back to their hotel and just before getting off Karath noticed that the person who had ducked into the alleyway at the start of all the excitement was in the cube behind them additionally she noticed a weird shimmer to the air in the cube. While there could be several reasons for this the most likely was someone or something was cloaked inside with the alien. The crew stepped off the cube only to be greeted by Bob and prepared for the confrontation ahead.

End of Session 3


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