The Frozen Star amoung us

And then he sneezed

Session 6

The crew having successfully completed the job received their money from Mr. Keller, he took the device and delivered it to Mr. Johnson. The crew decided to not follow him. During the brief exchange Mr. Johnson said he was impressed that Lionel had gotten the crew to go along and that they would definitely do business in the future. He then dismissed Lionel who walked off into the crowded station. (At this point Lionel is no longer a PC as the player has decided to switch characters to James Garen) The crew went back to their standard shipboard duties and waited for the Captain to be released.

Meanwhile Luke and the Captain waited out the isolation period. During the poking and prodding phase of the isolation the Captain missed the fact that her healing rate was extremely high, needle marks would close and heal in seconds. Even the reaction of the doctors to this missed grabbing her attention. She asked to talk to some of the other Der’Rum that were isolated, but the scientists and doctors insisted upon complete isolation. Luke, liking the Captain’s idea was also stopped short of visiting others by the GCS guards stationed between each cell. 3 uneventful days later they were released.

All of the Der’Rum gathered into a small auditorium. A Major from the GCS, a Rigellian, stood in front of them and informed them for better or worse they now appeared to be human there did not appear to be any evidence of infectious vector that might impact other Der’Rum so they were free to go. All GCS records were updated to reflect their new status and to avoid incident all other records that could be reached by the GCS were also being updated. They were free to use the auditorium for the next 4 hours but were asked to leave promptly after that.

The Captain and Luke then proceeded to board a cube and head towards the ship. The captain asked Luke if more security was needed. Luke puffing out his chest exclaimed that no more security was needed. On the cube Luke noticed a military artist begin walking towards him, the Captain noticed the change in his demeanor and hid behind him. The two MAs glared at each other until they were in hand to hand range at which point Luke’s arm lashed out and clasped the outstretched arm of his dear old friend James. “Astra missus” Luke exclaimed. “est alea” James finished. “Captain,” Luke said, “meet James Garen and we do need more security especially if James is available.” James said he was available and the Captain agreed to hire him.

Arriving back at the ship the Frozen Star admitted Luke, the Captain, and their guest, without the necessary reprogramming that Bob thought would/should be necessary. This sent Bob into a tizzy as he verified that the records had indeed been changed to show the Captain was human and even included her new bio security information, but there was no sign of who had made the changes.

After a quick discussion the Captain decided they should immediately fly to the nearest Der’Rum colony to seek assistance with her problem. Bob also attempted to see if the collective had more information and found his queen waiting for him. She was very unhelpful, but indicated that Mr. Johnson could be trusted as they were old friends. The Captain tried to dig up some cargo or other job that would help pay the way but was unable to find something so she ordered an immediate departure. All hands eagerly watched their scanners as the ship pulled away from the station and it quickly became obvious that another ship had left nearly simultaneously with them and was also headed to the stargate. The ship, Falling Red Horizon, was a independent trader made up of Tursk shareholders according to its ID records.

The Captain decided to err on the side of caution and G’Lorm faked an engine failure to justify them opening a gap between them. Falling Red Horizon hailed to offer assistance, which the crew only faking a failure declined saying the damage wasn’t fatal and should be fixed in a matter of hours.

Allowing the appropriate amount of time to pass G’Lorm brought the engines back online and they proceeded to the gate. The gate manager placed them in queue and all breathed a sigh of relief when the Falling Red Horizon passed through the gate and left the system apparently coincidences do exist.

Passing through the gate themselves they found the Der’Rum warship Charged Flame sitting in the trading lanes at the minimal safe distance for ships to divert around it after having come through the gate. They hailed the Frozen Star and demanded that they pull aside and shut down their engines in preparation for being boarded. The Captain agreed to do so hoping to get some answers. And the Der’Rum ship interpenetrated with the Frozen Star. The maneuver was visually impressive as a small section of the warship swooped down and withdrew leaving behind 6 heavily armed Der’Rum.

The Der’Rum and crew exchanged information which ended with the Der’Rum seeming incredibly tense at which point Luke sneezed all over them and they decided that quarantine would be a good idea. They departed in a shuttle instead of having the whole ship swoop in to pick them up. The crew moved on to discussing what would happen next. Bob, mentioned that his Queen had inferred that Mr. Johnson could be trusted and the Captain flew out of her chair and picked him up off the ground apparently with ease. Seeing the Captain holding bob the air with one arm in an obviously threatening manner. Luke stepped forward and put his hand on the Captain ‘s shoulder asking her to calm down. In response the Captain threw him into the bulkhead, possibly breaking a few ribs. The whole crew held their breaths for a few seconds and the Captain put Bob back on the ground apologizing. By this point it was obvious that as she used her Kei she became more human as the blue color drained from her body. Almost 50% of her hair was now a black rather than a blue, likewise her eyes were no longer blue orbs, but had almost become normal, the color of the irises still unrevealed.

The captain excused herself and a long and restless night was had by all. The bright spot, at least from my viewpoint, being that Luke deduced that Jon couldn’t be found because he used to be a Der’Rum. In the morning the crew gathered around their stations and discovered that the Charged Flame had broken up in the middle of the night, parts still held together by Der’Rum wizardry were slowly drifting away on the solar winds. A quick check of the logs showed that the shuttle containing the Der’Rum soldiers had cloaked and possibly boarded the Charged Flame bringing the infection to the warship. Bob again sought the council of his Queen and she instructed him to build a device that would detect “the infected”. G’Lorm, Bob, and Sandee all worked together and managed to produce the device within an hour. The device displayed a steady tone when turned on. Bob waved the device at himself and nothing changed . He then proceeded to check everyone else out starting with G’Lorm, Karath, Sandee, James, the Captain, and lastly Luke at which point the sensor went crazy. A few more waves and it was confirmed that Luke was the only person the sensor responded to. At which point Bob remembered the Queens had told him he had been cured but that the MAs they had fought on the promenade had been infected with some sort of virus. A slowed down closeup of Luke’s sneeze showed that what everyone had assumed was just mucus also glowed with Kei discharge. While the mucus passed through the Der’Rum harmlessly the Kei interacted with them in some way absorbed into their energy forms.
End of Session 6


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