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BOOM! With debris flying everywhere Bob got really unlucky and caught a chunk with his head, putting him into an instant coma. The rest of the team got ready for the worst and were mildly surprised when Jon stepped into the room. He stared at Sandee and insisted that he didn’t understand why she was on the side of the xenobiology tyrants and was promptly attacked. Unlike the previous encounters he displayed External Kai powers as a force field flashed into place to block Karath’s first shot. James advanced and after a few blows which encountered the same force field he managed to slip an attack past Jon’s defenses landing a blow that severed Jon’s arm at the shoulder.

Jon completely shocked by the level of resistance grabbed his arm and fled the scene. Medics who were hidden nearby rushed in and began taking the wounded away. The crew remained baffled by Jon’s ability to slip into the building as they had setup sensors to catch him. However, a review indicated that he had used the super speed allowed by External Kei to slip in the front door. They followed his retreat back to the warehouse.

After a very confusing conversation with the Dean it was revealed that Sandee and Jon dated, although not in Sandee’s recollection. The Dean had often felt like a third wheel and kinda envied Sandee’s relationship. She pointed out that Sandee and Jon used to go to the warehouse and hang out for hours. The crew decided to split up to investigate this lead and Jon’s claims about shadowy experiments going on in the department.

Karath proceeded to search the department’s labs while Sandee and James proceeded to investigate the alternate Sandee’s life and Jon’s academic career. G’Lorm decided the ship needed to be looked after.

Proceeding into the bowels of the xeno building Karath examined 23 labs without finding anything. Her guide a grad student was more than happy to show her everything. She diligently recorded the information in the labs and decided that so far nothing suspicious had been found. During that time G’Lorm had returned to the ship, gotten bored and caught up with her.

As the three of them entered lab 24 they found the main simulation computer running a sim on what at first seemed to be a highly impossible lifeform, something that evolved in space without any environment. Closer examinations of the computer records implied that the simulation was built on a live specimen. The next 3 labs revealed more of the same. The last documented lab however appeared to shutdown as they entered the room. Karath with her heightened senses was able to discern that there was a cloaked figure in the lab unfortunately she missed the second cloaked figure and he managed to slip behind her. Her first warning being a gun barrel pushing into her back. Much to the chagrin of the would-be attacker Karath’s reflexes being superhuman allowed her to twirl and lash out with a punch before he even knew she turned around. The other cloaked figure started shooting wildly at the three of them but when G’Lorm stepped forward and swung his maul the cloaked figure had enough presence of mind to duck. G’Lorm’s maul smashed through a shelving unit and several chemicals started mixing together creating a visible gas. The guide dove out of the room while G’Lorm debated whether finishing the fight was worth being gassed. Karath realizing the doors would be shutting automatically screamed a G’Lorm to get out. G’Lorm barely made it before the door slammed shut behind him.

The cloaked figure banged on the door several times before succumbing to the gas and disappearing out of sight.

Meanwhile Sandee and James asked a lot of questions of Jon’s old xeno teachers which revealed that Sandee and Jon spent a lot of time together and would volunteer to work on projects together. Their investigation also turned up that when Sandee left Jon joined the military academy on planet. They proceeded over to the Military academy and were given access to several teachers and students who all insisted that Jon was a perfect student and he only occasionally mentioned the Xeno department. Having completed the interviews they proceeded to check out Jon’s bunk and personal trunk in the barracks. Here they found several pictures of Jon and Sandee looking very happy together. Some pictures included the Dean as a third member.

It was mentioned that Jon came from the Der’Rum system to the planet, which really perplexed Sandee. Additionally it was spoken about in a fashion indicating this was normal.
Thus ended session 10


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