Welcome to the world of the Interstellar ship for hire the Hairless Frozen Star. Set in a Universe of my own creation mixing lots of different ideas from all kinds of places. The most obvious should be the use of Kei from Chrome Shelled Regios, CSR. Really I’m using it more as a visual framework that the players can look into if they so desire. Any anime where the characters have blazing energy auras around them would be appropriate, but I like the feel of CSR so I’m using their naming conventions.

Anyway, the campaign should be mostly episodic sessions while maintaining a few campaign long plotlines. I expect the pace to be fast and furious, hopefully without railroading the players.

As for the overall background the galaxy is a very large place and true interspecies civilizations are very fragile things. One has formed around the star gate network of the Homogeny, a race of bugs who have access to a collective in which they share their consciousness with all the others of their race.

A governing body, The Galactic Civilization, made up of elected officials oversee the administration of this fledgling civilization and ensures the safety and honesty of its agents using neural blocks. In turn the trust that can be placed in these officials has increased stability and made interstellar commerce flow without corruption.

Who makes up this civilization, the answer is too many races to even begin to describe. Everything from gas giant floaters to crystalline thoughts, sentient plants to carnivorous hunters, if you can think of it we got it.

The Frozen Star amoung us

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